September 13th, 2017

DOJ: There will be no federal charges in the death of Freddie Gray

The Department of Justice has issued a report explaining why there will be no federal charges in the death of Freddie Gray. The summary version is that there’s virtually no evidence to convincingly support such charges. You may also recall that the outcome in the state prosecutions was a complete failure to convict those charged.

And yet I submit that despite this the prosecutions may have worked for some of the purposes prosecutors had in mind. They got a great deal of initial publicity for the case and I would bet—although I haven’t read any polls on the subject—that the majority of Americans still think the police officers did something wrong to Freddie Gray. Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby is still in office, “currently the youngest chief prosecutor of any major American city.” And the city of Baltimore stopped its rioting, which was another goal of scapegoating the police officers.

Some civil lawsuits against Mosby by the erstwhile Freddie Gray defendants are pending, however, although five of those Freddie Gray defendants still will be facing public hearings in October on whether they should be terminated from the department or further disciplined, or not. In addition, there has been some question about whether the civil lawsuits brought by the officers against Mosby would be allowed to proceed, or whether she had immunity because of her position. But at the moment the suits seem to be going forward:

The officers are suing State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby for malicious prosecution, defamation and invasion of privacy. Three of the officers were acquitted, and Mosby dropped the remaining cases.

Mosby says the lower court should have found her to be immune from being sued because she’s a prosecutor.

But the officers said in a brief filed Thursday with Virginia’s 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that Mosby isn’t entitled to immunity because she was acting as an investigator, not a prosecutor.

Mosby wore several hats, and that may come back to bite her someday.

11 Responses to “DOJ: There will be no federal charges in the death of Freddie Gray”

  1. Griffin Says:

    Those cops were served to the Gods to appease the people. Suppose they should consider themselves fortunate to not be in jail.

  2. Ymar Sakar Says:

    The police unions, along with bought mayors, determine who gets sacrificed and who gets protected.

  3. Frog Says:

    What Neo does not say, and what has not been said, is that Baltimore has progressively (pun intended) become a wretched city, saved perhaps only by the Johns Hopkins Medical Center, since the University itself does not afford many remedies, other than sucking students and their parents’ monies in from elsewhere in order to receive Leftist indocrination.

    I visited a classmate training in pediatrics at Hopkins in 1969. They lived in a University high-rise with a bullet-proof glassed-in first floor staffed by two armed guards whose job it was to escort each resident to his/her car, parked around the building, inside a ten foot chain-link fence topped with razor wire. And to open the gate. The residents were all young MDs in training, in the days when 100 hr-plus work weeks were hardly unusual, but rather symbolic of durable commitment to medicine and patient care.
    You think Baltimore has improved in the 48 years since? The evidence indicates it has not.

  4. arfldgrs Says:

    Its that feminist multitasking superiority of women…
    she is doing many jobs cause the men cant do one!!!
    Now tell me it isnt…

    Women ‘better at multitasking’ than men, study finds – BBC News
    Women Are Better Than Men At Multi-Tasking, Study Says – Huff Post
    If women are great multitaskers, it’s only because we have to be … – Guardian
    Swiss scientists prove women multi-task better than men | Daily Mail
    Are women better at multitasking than men? – TechRepublic

    5 Myths About The Female Brain
    [Cordelia Fine’s thorough (and funny!) Delusions of Gender]

    One of the most popular factoids about the ladybrain (something even I, with my limited neuroscience expertise, thought I Knew) is that the corpus callosum, which connects the brain’s two hemispheres, is thicker in women than in men. This supposedly allows more “cross-talk,” which in turn allegedly makes women better at doing several things at once, like feeling and talking, cooking a steak and tossing a salad (one scientist’s example), or nurturing a family while also keeping a home spotless and being perfectly coiffed. However, at least where language processing is concerned, the ladybrain actually shows no more cross-talk than the dudebrain. And, more damningly, women’s corpora callosa (Latin: still good for something after all these years) aren’t even bigger than men’s. According to Fine, early studies simply overgeneralized from small sample sizes.

    To put it bluntly, research shows that we can’t multitask. We are biologically incapable of processing attention-rich inputs simultaneously.

    And finally…
    We do not find any evidence for gender differences in the ability to multitask. Besides, the share of switchers is exactly the same for men and women and the average number of switches is higher for men. Thus, the results contradict the claims of Fisher (1999): if men think so much more linearly than women, why don’t they insist more on a sequential schedule? Moreover, why is it that women do not adapt better to multitasking than men when forced to alternate? In sum, the view that women are better at multitasking is not supported by our findings.

    AND to seal the deal of delusional women wandering around imagining they can do everything better (cook, clean, children, social, work, multitasking, arts, EVERYTHING – which is wy mens fertility has hit the skids in the west to the point of population collapse… or do i have to put up those papers to given the fact fantasy trumps empiricism… )

    We find that multitasking significantly lowers performance in cognitive tasks compared to a sequential execution. This suggests that the costs of switching, which include recalling the rules, details and steps executed thus far, outweigh the benefit of a ’fresheye’. Note that this effect differs from the one found by Coviello et al. (2010). In their model, every new task takes resources away from the other active tasks which are closer to being completed, and juggling more tasks consequently increases the average duration of task-completion. Our results show that multitasking is bad for productivity even if one is not concerned with average duration.

    You Can’t Multitask, So Stop Trying – Harvard Business Review
    Multitasking is scientifically impossible, so give up
    The Myth of Multitasking | Psychology Today
    Humans can’t multitask | David Didau

    but she can do everything men cant, and evne humans cant

    by the way, any one but me realize this all has to go to crap because there is absolutely no way to tell any people in the left and this that they are wrong, or they should stop. This train has no freaking break handle…

    you only have to write a crap paper that is horrid and unfit, have it published in a femrag, and they will go out and do what it says regardless… if you point out its wrong, you will be attacked, or its ignored..


    YOU CONVINCED THEM THEY ARE BETTER FOR DOING SOMETHING THAT MAKES THEM WORSE, THEN YOU CHANGE LAW TO MAKE SURE THEY HAVE IT EQUAL DOING IT WORSE!!! [and they are angry when they dont perform like the cro magnon throw back males who arent magically female]

    Based on over a half-century of cognitive science and more recent studies on multitasking, we know that multitaskers do less and miss information. It takes time (an average of 15 minutes) to re-orient to a primary task after a distraction such as an email. Efficiency can drop by as much as 40%. Long-term memory suffers and creativity — a skill associated with keeping in mind multiple, less common, associations — is reduced. – Harvard Business

    go ahead try to tell one of these smashing the ceiling women that they cant do what they BRAG about doing, and wont have ills for trying (like this lady wearing many hats)

    Just remember, this train has no breaks
    whatever they want, they get and nothing can say no

    if you dont believe me, try it…
    try to argue that anything wanted is wrong to want, or bad, etc

    then read this
    Tech & Science
    Male Infertility Crisis in U.S. Has Experts Baffled

    they are quite demeaning, demanding, and refuse to look at anythign related to anything related to women and their movements, etc.. this is exactly the same as the researchers where i work, who conveniently leave out perinent data so they can prove something else is key!!!! (like blaming plastics, and ignoring well known but no longer taught inconvenient biology!)
    by the way, when men lose, or are foced lower, the

  5. arfldgrs Says:

    sorry browser ate so much memory everythig hangs

    from the crisis

    Startling new evidence suggests male infertility may be much worse than it appears. According to Levine and Swan’s work, sperm levels—the most important measurement of male fertility—are declining throughout much of the world, including the U.S. The report, published in late July, reviewed thousands of studies and concluded that sperm concentration had fallen by 52 percent among men in Western countries between 1973 and 2011. Four decades ago, the average Western man had a sperm concentration of 99 million per milliliter. By 2011, that had fallen to 47.1 million. The plummet is alarming because sperm concentrations below 40 million per milliliter are considered below normal and can impair fertility.

    it parallels poliitcs more than chemistry..
    and i said they self exterminated, and here they admit it

    ertility rates—the number of live births per woman—have drastically declined in the same countries with falling sperm counts. That includes the U.S., where fertility rates hit a record low this year, and where women are no longer bearing enough children to replace the existing population. Women need to average roughly 2.1 children—enough to replace themselves and their partner, with a spare bit to offset kids who don’t survive to reproductive age—to keep a country’s population stable through birth alone. The U.S. is at 1.8 and dependent on continued immigration to keep the population growing.

    all the changes the ladies made, defocus on fertility, focus on limiting births, and on and on.. almost every point leads to that.. put off marriage, put off kids, get deseases, become jaded, hate your mate, take mind changing birth control.

    and on the other side, the other point lowers mens fertility.
    but the articles ALWAYS skirt this.. affter larry summers, and watson of genetics, and erin pizzey and and and…

    its not worth telling the truth, and that and other things removed the brake handle (rapper hung white kid in his video, academics repeating nazi concepts but for wahites. good genocides, and more)

    in fact when you read, the ladies changed medicine claiming that not causine birth defects was keepig them out of being studied.. orders of mangitude to to womens health, but zippy goes to men, and now, they dont know much or what to do.

    “Sperm count decline is the canary in the coal mine,” says Levine. “There is something very wrong in the environment.” Which means there may be something very wrong with men.

    i have tits, give me free stuff
    i have a penis, its always my fault…
    something is always wrong with men, never women

    The fears about male infertility go beyond the stuff of dry science. “It’s the virility and fertility dilemma,” says Sharon Covington, an infertility therapist in Maryland. “How a man sees himself, and how the world sees him as a man, is often tied to his ability to impregnate a woman.”

    If this is a crisis, why is the medical establishment still arguing over the accuracy of statistical methods that approximate sperm levels from a variety pack of studies? Trying to figure out what is happening to sperm levels isn’t like trying to create an HIV vaccine.

    [edited for length by n-n]

  6. Frog Says:

    All of this is well and good, some of it even meaningful when deciphered, but entirely off-topic. We do not need filler material here.

  7. mikeski Says:

    “[edited for length by n-n]”


  8. huxley Says:

    What Neo does not say, and what has not been said, is that Baltimore has progressively (pun intended) become a wretched city… – Frog

    “The Wire” was a riveting, much celebrated TV series in the 2000s which took a Tom Wolfish, top-to-bottom, view of Baltimore as a dysfunctional city. The show creators were typical Hollywood leftists out to prove the evils of capitalism and racism.

    Slight problem, though. Baltimore has been entirely run by Democrats since 1967 and blacks are integrated at all levels — as can be seen in the show.
    Hard times in the city
    In a hard town by the sea
    Ain’t nowhere to run to
    There ain’t nothin’ here for free

    Hooker on the corner
    Waitin’ for a train
    Drunk lyin’ on the sidewalk
    Sleepin’ in the rain

    And they hide their faces
    And they hide their eyes
    Cause the city’s dyin’
    And they don’t know why

    –Randy Newman, “Baltimore”

  9. Frog Says:

    I find it a curious fact that American cities run by and for blacks (Democrats) universally decay. Always.
    Anyone have any exceptions? I would like to know of them.
    But I live near cities like Jackson, MS, now heading strictly downwards with a 34 year-old BM as mayor who took office two months ago:
    “The Honorable Chokwe Antar Lumumba, Esq. is the son of two life-long community activists—the late Mayor Chokwe Lumumba and Nubia Lumumba.”

    Note the Esq.!

    I think we need to set a higher bar for “historically black” law schools. Do away with them, even. Southern Univ law school in Baton Rouge (h.b.) has a bar exam failure rate of about 80 %, but as we all know that is purely because of white racism. The only whites that attend failed admission to all other law schools.

  10. Frog Says:

    P.S.: the social justice-loving Chokwe Lumumba got elected by a 94% majority! White flight from Jackson has been occurring for a right good while now. What remains is the immovables: hospitals, banks, government.
    We shall see what the voters reap.

  11. Mr. Frank Says:

    The term “white flight” is actually largely a misnomer. What happens to a city or neighborhood turning black is whites stop moving in because of crime and bad schools. Neighborhoods have a fair amount of natural turnover from things like job transfers, divorces, retirement, marriage and so forth. Failure to attract whites is the beginning of the end.

    One variable in neighborhood quality is the percent of housing owned by married couples. When almost all houses are occupied by married couples, crime will be low and school test scores will be good.

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