September 23rd, 2017

The return of Valerie Plame Wilson

Valerie Plame Wilson has returned, this time as an anti-Semite.

Here’s what Alan Dershowitz had to say:

Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz says this story is “much, much worse” than the media has presented it.

On “Fox & Friends” this morning, he said that the author of the article [that Plame had recommended as “thoughtful”], Philip Giraldi, is a “well-known anti-Semite.”

“In this article, he says that Jews like me or Bill Kristol, when we appear on television, should have on the bottom of the screen identification saying we’re Jews. And he says it’s ‘like a warning label on a bottle of rat poison. Ingest at your own peril,'” Dershowitz said.

Much more on the story here.

And the MSM is playing the role you’d expect:

Imagine, if you will, a conservative tweeting that Jews in America are causing the country’s wars. That person would rightly be denounced by his fellow conservatives and pilloried in the media. But if you’re a progressive media darling, you get a hand-waving pass. This brings us to the way the media covered former CIA analyst Valerie Plame and her long history of anti-Semitic tweets…

The media’s coverage of this story was an epic journo-fail.

15 Responses to “The return of Valerie Plame Wilson”

  1. Richard Aubrey Says:

    Said it elsewhere:
    How long has this clown worked at the CIA?
    Did the CIA know?
    Did the CIA mind?
    How come State didn’t snatch her?

    Bet her office was near one of the in-house ATMs whose other end is Riyadh.

  2. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Plame has some interesting connections in DC and the CIA to have pulled one over a Vice President, the nation, and everybody else it seems.

    This demonic husband and wife team, who knows what they are really involved with behind the black ops funding.

    Rather than the Bogeyman of “anti semite” that Jewish lobbies tend to over emphasize, “Deep State agent” is probably more her style.

  3. Alan Potkin Says:

    What nobody has picked up on here yet is that the unsavory “” aggregator is run by Ron Unz. Mr. Unz is quite out front as a Jew (I’ve seen him using the semi-Orthodox “G-d” formulation in his own postings, in line with a specific biblical commandment) and nobody ever pegs him as a “self-hating Jew”. Unz apparently thinks that allowing people like Giraldi to run their numbers on his site is more instructive and constructive than the usual suppression of even slender overt anti-semitism. Unz is also the primary host of the sainted —and vastly constructive, (and maybe even exasperated philosemitic) Steve Sailer, who also appears sometimes on Takimag, which indeed is a lot more unsavory than Unz’s site. I kinda doubt whether Taki Theodoracopulos take care to use “G-d”.

  4. Cornhead Says:

    A while back she went on a twitter rant against an airline. And she had some fundraising thing that was anti-Trump but I can’t recall the details.

    If Plame is half-way representative of what the CIA hires, we are in big trouble.

  5. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    “The media’s coverage of this story was an epic journo-fail.” neo

    How can a propagandist ‘fail’ to fulfill traditional journalistic standards? After all, they’re only pretending to be journalists to gain credibility with LIVs for their propaganda.

  6. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Propagandists succeed when they convince Americans to give them the 4th estate tag and have them run as an unaccountable 5th column of government accountability.

    Remember the US Constitution? Checks and balances?

    Who is there to check the propaganda arms, Congress?

  7. Ymar Sakar Says:

    So when Hussein and HRC gets jailed or killed or golf tweeted by Trum, what happens when Americans are so proud and exceptional that they have to obey Valerie as the next Totalitarian leader?

    That can’t happen right…

  8. Manju Says:

    Regarding the charges in the 2nd link…that the MSM is “running cover” and giving a “hand-waving pass” to Plame’s anti-Semitic tweets. The evidence presented is very weak.

    The worst the author (Rob Eno) comes up with is CNN piece that commits the sin of commission, the failure to mention Plame’s history of anti-semitism. This failure is made worse, Eno alleges, by “Jake Tapper exposing previous anti-Semitic tweets.“ Since Tapper also works at CNN the writer should’ve known this, the argument goes.

    The problem is that Tapper exposing Plame is also evidence against Eno’s central claim: that the MSM is giving Plame a pass by failing to report her past anti-semitism. To make matters worse, I see at least 2 articles in the Washington Post that do so. To be fair, they were written the same day as Eno’s piece so it’s possible that, at the time of writing, this evidence was not available.

    But what to make of Eno’s use of a short CNN piece that appears, by this own admission, to report the very facts that he says are not being reported? Here’s his take:

    The Lead, briefly mentioned what Plame tweeted and made a vague reference to “past tweets,” without expanding.

    So I went to the videotape (see link above). In it the speaker clearly states that “…she later fully-apologized and said she hadn’t read the full article but her past tweets are not on her side…”

    The CNN host clearly used the past tweets against Plame, ie as evidence that she knowingly retweeted anti-semitic memes. It’s short no doubt. But it ain’t vague and certainly isn’t a “hand-waving pass”.

  9. Ready for the Apocalypse Says:

    Alan Potkin: describes itself as “A Collection of Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media.” I think this is accurate, although one can dispute how interesting and important the perspectives are. A lot of the commenters are nutty and obsessed also.

    While I applaud Unz’s commitment to free speech in these precarious times, it doesn’t require him to promote some of the goofballs on that site (such as Israel Shamir, Paul Craig Roberts, and “The Saker”). I read regularly, but with appropriate grains of salt and degrees of caution.

  10. SLR Says:

    Here whole story was nonsense but media created / supported. Undercover / analyst who worked at a known CIA office. You can’t be both…

  11. Stephen Ippolito Says:

    When I read the headline Plame retweeted: “America’s Jews are driving America’s wars” something in my memory was “triggered” (although not in a Trigglypuff sort of way).

    I have just recovered the memory: the words are eerily similar to my countryman Mel Gibson’s rant back in 2006 when, picked up on a drunk driving charge after a huge night out, and fearing that his career “was f@#%d” Mel ranted: “Are you a Jew?” at the arresting policeman and remarked: “The Jews have caused all America’s wars”.

    Of course, in the same rant he also claimed to “own all of Malibu” so he wasn’t at his coherent best.

    The same words are here here with Plame – but in a different context and to very different effect. The differences here are that: (a) Mel was drunk at the time; and (b) Mel, an outspoken fundamentalist Christian, was cut absolutely no slack by the media and paid a huge price for his stupidity.

    Not to defend Mel, but he was what we call here “legless” (ie falling-down drunk) and in a state of high agitation at the time.

    The real story here isn’t that drunks say stupid things or that Mel was ostracised – and quite rightly so – but that Plame said, (or endorsed), the very same contemptible idea in the deliberate light of day, whilst sober, and in the full confidence that she would surely not have to pay a price.

  12. Alan Potkin Says:

    The best part of the Gibson episode was when his flack made a “public apology” after Mel got busted for DUI by Hyman Moskowitz, the only recognizably Joooish cop in L.A. County, somewhere along the lines of “if you thin skinned Kikes somehow misunderstood my client’s completely innocent remarks on that cabal of the Christ-killers being behind every catastrophe since Noah’s flood, well then you can just fcuk yourselves!” I exaggerate only very slightly. It was a masterpiece!

  13. Stephen Ippolito Says:

    Alan and Neo,
    herewith an interesting article I happened upon in searching out what Mel’s long-time flack, Alan Nierob, might have had to say on his behalf about Mel’s disgrace, as my admittedly vague recollection was that Mel quite quickly and effectively made his his mea culpa:

    What I find worthwhile about this article is the last couple of paragraphs quoting what a PR professional dubs “the four principles of celebrity crisis”: which are, apparently, speed, humility, contrition and personal responsibility.

    I am going to use these as a gauge against every future celebrity apology from now on starting with Plame, who in my view fails the test.

    Reminds me a tad of the old saw about how important it is to be able to fake sincerity.

  14. FOAF Says:

    Manju: that at some point the MFM actually reported the facts (whoda thunk it?!?!) does not mean they aren’t giving Plame a “pass”. Are they giving her the Mel Gibson treatment, which someone suggested as a comparison? Doubtful.

    Similarly the MFM may have eventually reported that the assault on the Benghazi consulate was a planned attack, not a spontaneous demonstration in reaction to a Youtube video. But they still let Obama get away with lying about it for weeks, in fact they helped him cover it up (Candy Crowley).

  15. Ymar Sakar Says:

    The problem with america is that people actually pay attention to what actors say.

    That’s a whole different level of problem than the things actors actually say.

    As for the theory that the Jews are behind WW1, WW2, and other things, that is mostly derived from the Free Mason connection with Albert Pike, and the situation with Britain offering Palestine in return for certain promises that Wilson would bring the US into the war, come hell or high water.

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