October 4th, 2017

Marco Rubio asks some good questions…

of the US Army:

It is extremely concerning that someone who so often expressed such hostile views towards the United States’ system of government was able to obtain a commission. Rapone’s revolutionary ideas were harbored long before he was commissioned as an Army Second Lieutenant. Were West Point administrators or faculty aware of his views and behavior?

While I strongly believe academic institutions must respect the exchange of ideas and allow students to voice their opinions, members of the military who harbor anti-American views and express their desire to harm our country and its leaders are unfit to serve and defend our nation—and certainly should not enjoy the privilege of attending or graduating from an institution such as West Point, a taxpayer-funded military academy.

This is clearly not just a matter of law but also of common sense, and I can only assume Rapone’s unchecked behavior is an extreme embarrassment for the United States Army and the United States Military Academy. Please provide me with all relevant information regarding West Point’s efforts to ensure cadets who actively support the destruction of our government do not waste more taxpayer funds or prevent a more worthy candidate from attending an institution like the United States Military Academy. The Army’s premier officer commissioning source must ensure an individual like Spenser Rapone is never given the opportunity to lead or serve beside American soldiers.

I wonder if he—or we—will ever get any answers.

The Army is reported to have opened an investigation.

14 Responses to “Marco Rubio asks some good questions…”

  1. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    My first reaction was anger. Then I thought it must be fake news, that would quickly be revealed as such. But it’s gone on too long for that to be the case. Something is very rotten at West Point. If ever an independent investigation was called for, this is it. And include some Marines on the investigating board. If I were President, heads would roll. This skirts treason.

  2. Lizzy Says:

    Rapone was posting pro-Communist remarks to his Facebook within days of traveling to India with his West Point advisor, and said advisor was (and remains) a FB friend of Rapone’s, so it would seem his advisor would have known/has known for years. This professor advisor, Rasheed Hosein, is currently on administrator leave unrelated to Rapone. There’s more to the story, I would imagine…


  3. blert Says:

    Rasheed Hosein is a Diversity Hire slotted at West Point by 0bomba loyalists.

    You can bet that yet other Diversity Hires are slotted all across our Federal government where they can do the most damage.

  4. TommyJay Says:

    I haven’t really followed this one, though I got the gist. This would be very scandalous, were it not for the precedence of esteemed Army medical officer Nidal Hasan.

    Hasan did everything short of wearing a bomb vest to professional psychiatry meetings. He was reported numerous times to his superiors, as being a severe and potentially dangerous nut job.

    So now we learn that the Army has not fixed itself yet. Shocking!

  5. parker Says:

    We, normal (yes I know it is a loaded word these days) people are engaged in a slow, civil war that is accelerating towards a hot war. Prepare to defend yourselves and your’s. Trust no one you can not trust absolutely. Stay locked and loaded. Visit the local range twice a month. Learn to reload. It is coming, no one can predict when, but it is coming. Yeah, I am just a right wing gun nut so ignore my words.

  6. vanderleun Says:

    Oh no. I hear you loud and clear.

  7. SLR Says:

    Just another sign of the PC rot everywhere. Actual Nazi? Bad. So bad its ok to beat you up. Heck no; you cannot get in here (commission or even a job washing cars). Socialist? Ummm; not letting him in would be bad… discrimination.

  8. Lizzy Says:

    Rapone was reported bu a West Point professor back in 2015. Looks like another Nidal Hassan.


  9. Richard Aubrey Says:

    After Hasan did his thing, the Army announced it was going to investigate nine officers who may have been in a position to stop Hasan’s greased slide to Ft. Hood shooting gallery.
    Insiders say that giving a Muslim officer anything less than more than awesome on an Efficiency Report will kill your career. Plus add another Teflon coating to the guy.
    Letters of reprimand and such in the file are worse.
    This will not be accepted in the investigation, even if the officers running it have slammed their juniors for trying to do the right thing.

  10. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Perhaps like Maj Hasan psychologist treating PTSD over soldiers killing Muslim fanatics at Ft Hood, or like John Kerry, they had “special protections”.

  11. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason?
    Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason.


    In other words, as per contemporary prose, so long as your coup de tat succeeds, it isn’t treason.

    So long as you gain power, the loyalists can be branded as the traitors, and the traitors as the patriotic loyalist dissenters.

    So long as the Left wins, they don’t need to care about Right, because Might makes their right. Can anyone contest or overturn this?

  12. Ymar Sakar Says:

    parker Says:
    October 4th, 2017 at 9:15 pm
    We, normal (yes I know it is a loaded word these days) people are engaged in a slow, civil war that is accelerating towards a hot war.

    Looking at the Utah War, the Missouri extermination order, the Illinois refugee creation crisis, and the Kansas war, it all happened before 1860 or Lincoln was ever known as a Tyrant.

    Civil War 2 follows the pattern of Civil War 1 almost exactly. It even has some of the same triggers and basic foundational ideological conflicts.

    As a result of these previous conflicts, small time yet all so critical preceding CW 1, although American historians try not to talk about it, many people became “radicalized” as a result of this: forming the basis for the national hot war. John Brown fought in the Kansas war between abolitionist unarmed settlers vs Missouri slave raiders and pro slave ethnic cleansers. Ever wonder where he got the idea to raid Harper’s Ferry to arm up the slaves? From Kansas. If free soil settlers are unarmed, if slaves are unarmed, he predicted that there would be a greater conflagration, so he was trying to save lives. Although I think he was just the right tool/weapon in the hands of the divine counsel to inflict the Divine Punishment already decreed upon the US. Have them kill each other.

    A limited solution compared to Soddom/Gomorrah, or the Divine Flood.

    On the other hand, Lucifer had a mighty grasp of the pro slave factions. He used emotional fear mongering to stir them up to war, raiding, rape, plunder, and ethnic cleansing, all based on the justification that those godly “christians” following the Most High are sincerely loyal if they just purge all those opposed to the white supremacy eugenics. When christianity became state white supremacy eugenics, I have no idea, but apparently it was a thing back then.

    That’s not so much a mark against christians or muslims, as it is a mark against idiotic humans thinking they are smart or enlightened.

  13. Gringo Says:

    Lizzy, in order to complete your TinyUrl, click on proceed to site. You are showing us the incomplete TinyUrl.

  14. LindaF Says:

    It has a link to a report a Lt. Colonel made while Rapone was still at West Point.

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