October 23rd, 2017

Male breast cancer

Here’s a man who wants to publicize the fact that males get breast cancer, too.

I think this is important information for men to know. I alluded to it in passing in this 2013 post, and included the fact that one in a hundred breast cancer cases are in men. That’s a lot more than most people would think.

But now I’ll add that one of the reasons I’ve long been aware of that fact is that a very dear male friend of mine died of breast cancer almost twenty years ago, after suffering from it for about ten years. He was only in his late forties when diagnosed. His mother had had the disease but lived to a ripe old age, and I am convinced he had the BRCA2 gene although I’ll never know.

6 Responses to “Male breast cancer”

  1. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Epigenetic markers stay attached for about 3-4 generations.

    Similar to that old line that the sins pass down for 3-4 generations, or that curses do.

    Only a psychopathic god that is mean and nasty could do something like that right?

  2. parker Says:

    One of our close friends, just down the block, was diagnosed 3 years ago. So far he has managed to stay cancer free.

  3. Donnie Says:

    Richard Roundtree, the man who played Shaft, is a breast cancer survivor.

  4. Mike K Says:

    Somewhere, I posted my own experience with male breast cancer. I guess it wasn’t here. When I was in practice I saw a new male breast cancer about twice a year. The youngest was 26 and a body builder. I asked him about steroid use but he denied it. At surgery, he had 21 positive nodes but was still well when I retired about four years later.
    The scariest was a 50 year old man who had bilateral simultaneous breast cancer. Bilateral lumps are almost always gynecomastia but most over 25 are alcoholics. His one lump was a bit eccentric, which saved me from a possible terrible mistake. I did bilateral mastectomies and he eventually had a bone marrow transplant and was still well and free of metastases when I retired.

  5. Matthew Says:

    My dad is about to have surgery for breast cancer for a second time. The last we caught it early enough that it was a relatively minor deal. He found out when he went to a doctor because his nipples were bleeding. This time it hopefully was early enough too.

  6. Ellen Says:

    Peter Criss, the original drummer for KISS is a breast cancer survivor.

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