October 31st, 2017

Candy corn time again

[NOTE: The following is a slightly edited version of an old post.]

On Halloween I’ve often noticed that, when kids came to the door, they seem to grab the little packets of candy corn first. That doesn’t surprise me, since I’m a huge fan of the disgustingly sweet stuff myself and have absolutely no ability to resist it. The only resistance I can muster is at the grocery store, or after I’ve eaten enough to feel ill.

I’m hardly alone in this; it’s estimated that twenty million pounds of the classic treat (invented in the 1880s) are sold every year in the US. I personally might be responsible for approximately a ton of that if I gave in to my worst impulses. However, I keep my addiction in tightly-controlled check.

Once I even went to a Halloween party dressed as a piece of candy corn, and I was already a grownup at the time. And apparently I am not the only adult who has dressed up as candy corn on Halloween. And no, I didn’t look like this—more’s the pity (although to be technical, isn’t she dressed as two pieces of candy corn, the body and the hat?):


Even some fanatically health-consciously vegans seem to crave candy corn although alas, the treat is off-limits to them because of its animal-related ingredients. Animal ingredients? If you doubt my words, just take a look:

Sugar, Corn Syrup, Salt, Honey, Soy Protein, Gelatin, Confectioner’s Glaze, Dextrose, Artificial Flavor, Titanium Dioxide Color, Artificial Colors (Yellow 6, Yellow 5, Red 3, Blue 1)

Gelatin and honey must be the big no-nos. But happily, a thoughtful vegan (are there any other kind?) mother has come to the rescue with a recipe for candy corn so complex and labor-intensive that it undoubtedly reflects a devotion to the stuff even more intense than mine. Try it if you dare—and if you are insane.

There are various gourmet variations on candy corn, and I’ve sampled quite a few in my day. To my mind they can’t compare to good old Brach’s. But after watching the following highly informative video, I may just try some Goelitz:

And here’s a burning question I was reminded of by the video: do you eat your candy corn in sections? And, if so, do you consider the top to be the yellow part or the white part? I’ve always seen the little white triangle as the “foot” of the candy corn, but I learned when I designed my costume years ago that most people see it the other way. For those who might be inclined to disagree with me, I offer the following exhibit from the realm of science:


9 Responses to “Candy corn time again”

  1. M J R Says:

    Dressed as a piece — *two* pieces — of candy corn!

    neo, I didn’t recognize ya without the green apple . . .

  2. parker Says:

    Your annual candy corn post serves to remind me of how much I disliked it as a kid. But then, I was probably a weird kid. I liked olives more than candy. When we (rarely) went to the grocery store I would plead to mom to buy a jar of olives. Being first born I always got a jar of olives which I would consume quickly and never share.

  3. Mrs Whatsit Says:

    Hahaha, I love this post. Also, candy corn.

  4. GMR Says:

    I have always wanted to comment here, but didn’t feel that I could do so intelligently. I know that that is ridiculous.
    BUT, I do have to comment on candy corn. I dislike it a lot! It was my least favorite in all of the Halloween candy in my bag. I feel bad for disagreeing with you because you are always spot on with the way that I am feeling and thinking about politics.
    Thank you for your thoughts and opinions on so may topics. This is one of my first go-to places every day.

  5. Sarah Rolph Says:

    This year I found some Jelly Belly brand candy corn in a very small package, which made me happy because I love having it at this time of year but if I buy a whole bag I end up tossing q

  6. Sarah Rolph Says:

    This year I found some Jelly Belly brand candy corn in a very small package, which made me happy because I love having it at this time of year but if I buy a whole bag I end up tossing q

  7. Sarah Rolph Says:

    Whoops. Must have hit a hidden keyboard command…

    When I buy a whole bag I end up tossing quite a bit of it out.

  8. Kyle Gale Says:

    It’s so easy to make. Use the Alton Brown recipe. No honey, no gelatin, but it does have powdered milk (sorry vegans.) Less than an hour start to finish. And much better than any I have bought. I make vanilla, orange, creamsicle, and peppermint.

  9. Tom G Says:

    The white is on top — it’s like a food pyramid, or any other type. Small on top of larger base.

    I loved it as a sweet loving kid — but now I love salty chips & beer.

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