October 31st, 2017

Possible terrorist attack in lower Manhattan

This is a breaking news story, but it certainly looks like there’s a good chance this could be a terrorist attack:

Police and witnesses say a motorist drove onto a busy bicycle path near the World Trade Center memorial and struck several people, then emerged from the vehicle screaming and firing something that appeared to be a gun.

An Associated Press photographer on the scene Tuesday witnessed at least two bodies lying motionless on the path beneath tarps.

CBS News reports at least six people died in the incident.

The New York Police Department posted on its Twitter feed that one person was in custody. The department says it’s unclear whether anyone was shot.

We really don’t know very much about this attack yet, but in the next couple of hours the situation should become more clear. Reports on TV just now are that all the dead were killed by the vehicle rather than a firearm.

This is the modus operandi of terrorists, but it also could be a copycat perp who thinks this looks like a really nifty way to murder people.

38 Responses to “Possible terrorist attack in lower Manhattan”

  1. Cappy Says:

    How fast can the MSM double-dribble this out of the news?

  2. Yancey Ward Says:

    I have read reports that he yelled “Allahu Akbar”. Of course, lots of phrases sound like “Allahu Akbar”- for example, “Make America Great Again”, “Trump is Great”, “White Nationalism Forever”, “Go Astros”, “God Bless You”, “Gesundheit”.

    Phrases that sound nothing like “Allahu Ahkbar” are; “I’m With Her”, “Socialism Now”, “Allahu Ahkbar” etc.

  3. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Are they going to try to cover up where they got the gun, if it came from the Vegas connection?

  4. John Guilfoyle Says:

    Yancey Ward… “Go Astros!” “Gesundheit”
    Now THAT was funny! I don’t care who you are.

    PS…I know it was sarcasm…and all…but dark humour is sometimes the only humour we have when stuff hits the fan.

  5. Ymar Sakar Says:

    The USA hasn’t even hit the fan yet. I think these days are still tranquil. At least I don’t see people killing each other and stacking them up like cord wood to the moon outside my windows yet.

    If I do see it, I’ll report it and I’ll know for certain that the time has arrived.

  6. Ymar Sakar Says:

    All those decades of learning how guerilla warfare, 4th generational warfare, and human anatomy works, might come in handy yet.

    Knowledge is not a waste, especially if everyone is going to live the 1000 year grace period before Judgment.

  7. Cornhead Says:

    He is 29 and of Middle Eastern origin. IOW, Obama or Bush let him into the country.

  8. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    Not even “the tip of the iceberg” of what is coming.

  9. Paul in Boston Says:

    According to ABC network news, he was a “diversity” immigrant from Uzbeckistan who arrived 7 years ago. Nuf said.

  10. Artfldgr Says:

    Revolutionary politics has to break eggs, the trick is to blame your opposition..

    Facebook general counsel Colin Stretch told a Senate Judiciary panel that content generated by a Russian troll farm known as the Internet Research Agency after Nov. 8 centered on “fomenting discord about the validity of his [Trump’s] election.” That’s a change from Russia’s pre-election activity, which was largely centered on trying to denigrate Hillary Clinton, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said in a January report.

    “During the election, they were trying to create discord between Americans, most of it directed against Clinton. After the election you saw Russian-tied groups and organizations trying to undermine President Trump’s legitimacy. Is that what you saw on Facebook?” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) asked at the hearing.
    Stretch and his Twitter counterpart, Sean Edgett, called that an “accurate” statement.

    “Their goal is to create confusion and dissent. The target is the U.S. and NATO, not any particular candidate. They just want chaos,” Lewis said. “It went from being a grudge match against Clinton to what they thought was a priceless opportunity to inflict harm.”

    And that is the same with the attacks and other things. Most people think of goals, not disorder, but disorder is weakness, and most would not want to win a tennis match by “other means”… If you don’t think that matters, it does, as it colors how you think of things when the whole of it is not directed that way – in fact, quite the opposite

    And internally there really is zero you can do about it. The kinds of things that traditionally limited things were a lot of the things the left has weakened or removed to a major degree, like borders.

    In essence, you would have to lock down your own people to find the people who have become your own that were let inside… and even THAT would not work given that the main desire is to fire up people to sacrifice, to go out and act and be disposable.

    and so far we have been blessed with the “so far” fact that the people who do this, despite all manner of stuff, just really aren’t all that creative about it, even with Hollywood sometimes being inspirational if not educational in some ways (and purposefully not in others).

    Facebook said up to 126 million people — a figure that represents nearly 40 percent of the U.S. population — viewed posts planted by the Internet Research Agency, a St. Petersburg, Russia-based troll farm. That’s more than 10 times the audience that was reached by Russian-linked Facebook paid ads the company earlier revealed to congressional investigators.

    Want to know what they wont ask? Like what OTHER things and groups did they work on and target other than the election? Social justice ideas? protest ideas? historical s? helping to coordinate? there is a ton of stuff that a crew can do to people in another country with words.

    We will find out if this was an Uzbek attack, a religious attack, a combination, a pissed off wacko, a fad copying wacko, some combination, or something different – at a later date and time…

    Though if it takes too long we will forget to wonder about it.

    Not like we remember October 74 as the day Halloween died…
    Or do we?

  11. Cornhead Says:

    Yeah, Obama let him in. And let’s not forget Obama’s miserable failure in fighting the war during his 8 years set his up. He let ISIS get going. Worst. President. Ever.

  12. Cornhead Says:

    And now that we can see how our border can be controlled, I really blame Obama for the murder of Sarah Root in Omaha.

  13. Mike K Says:

    IOW, Obama or Bush let him into the country.

    2010. Obama.

    We need hundreds of thousands of more immigrants from these hellholes, I am told.

    No, thanks. Build the wall.

  14. Chang Yee Fong Says:

    From the Dailymail.


    I’m sorry but I can’t stop giggling thinking that “Borats” cousin just attacked America. (Yes I know Borats from Kazakhstan)

    I know everybody’s got to be serious however as veterans love to say it sometimes dark humor is the best humor.

    runs off and is shot by cops while waving paintball gun and yelling Allahu Akbar

  15. Artfldgr Says:

    NY terrorist identified as 29-year-old Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov from Tampa, Florida

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called it a “lone wolf” attack and said there was no evidence to suggest it was part of a wider plot.
    [how does he know? why use this formulaic response to put first piece of crap in the pipe?]

    A paintball gun and a pellet gun were found at the scene

    “So many police came and they didn’t know what was happening,” Duffy said. “People were screaming. Females were screaming at the top of their lungs.”

    Online records show the suspect has a criminal record in Pennsylvania and Missouri, all for traffic offenses.

    his photo shows the beard of a practicing Muslim or a hipster…

  16. TommyJay Says:

    He was carrying a paintball gun and a pellet handgun.

    I believe it is possible to shoot pepper powder paintballs that can be somewhat disabling. And an Airsoft pellet handgun may look almost exactly like a real handgun. I would hope that most New Yorkers would know that the sound of an Airsoft gun is not a real firearm, but perhaps not.

    The distinctive looking paintball gun is a bit of a give-away, that he was not carrying anything deadly, even if the handgun looked real. So he was not a rocket-scientist. But none of that matters while he was crushing bicyclists with a truck.

  17. vanderleun Says:

    Pellet gun or paintball gun. Doesn’t matter. Both are there to invite martyrdom by cop.

  18. The Other Chuck Says:

    GB, are you expecting something soon, perhaps based on Trump’s comment about the calm before the storm?

  19. GRA Says:

    While in the UK: https://www.lincs.police.uk/news-campaigns/news/2017/islamic-extremism-discussed-in-school-workshop/?hootPostID=5ddf1549f18549d62ead215875e86905

    “We are pleased to have worked with a local Lincolnshire school in delivering a PREVENT workshop focusing on tackling Islamophobia. ”

    Whoops. Never mind. Nothing strange here.

  20. om Says:

    No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

  21. miklos000rosza Says:

    I have a hard time watching television news to find out what’s happened after somethin like this. Those put on-camera seem in general so brainless — like bad actors and actresses in an amateurish movie.

  22. Stewart Says:

    Islam. Hardly a “lone wolf”. Anyone who uses this phrase in such a context is an idiot or Quisling.

  23. Richard Aubrey Says:

    “lone wolf” was a concept from decades ago regarding the possibility of violence from neo-nazis, survivalists, and wacky self-styled militias.
    The point was that if the bigs in whichever movement broadcast–communicated “out”, not “in”–their nutcasery, some clown might start believing and go do something awful.
    If this happened, there’d be no connection to the bigs. No phone calls, visits, not on a mailing list, nada. So the bigs didn’t weren’t guilty because there had been no connection.
    Today, some people like, for example, this case, would be the same thing, but now we know their social media and computer searches.
    It would be like finding a guy’s radio thirty years ago and having a record of which stations he listened to.
    This clown can still be a lone wolf in the original sense.

  24. steve walsh Says:

    What the heck is a “diversity immigrant”?

    I’ve asked my lefty friends this question a number of times but have never gotten an answer: why do they bend themselves into pretzels to cover for these Islamic perpetrators of violence? Even the peaceful practitioners of that religion are hostile to most American Left wing values and policies. And yet the Left consistently runs interference for and defends them.

  25. F Says:

    Diversity immigrant refers to a lottery-type visa program initiated to include more people who would not otherwise qualify for an immigrant visa. That’s because someone in Congress decided too many immigrants were white Europeans and not enough people from the Third World.

    The problem with this latest terrorist is not that he’s a diversity immigrant who won the lottery (reminiscent of Cecil Rhodes’ statement that to be “born British is to win life’s lottery”), it’s that he was radicalized at some point. And since he’s been in the US seven years (one-quarter of his life) I would speculate that he was radicalized after arriving. What that means is that he would not have been screened out by extreme vetting.

    Which calls for vetting not the immigrants, but the imams teaching in American mosques. That will be called profiling, of course, and will never make it through the courts.

    All of which leads me to conclude that we will lose a few citizens every year or so to terrorism and there’s not much we can do about it.

    Too bad we can’t get the imams to teach that the worst satans are in the U.S. Congress. Now that would get some attention from our lawmakers!

  26. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Imams teach that the USA is the Greater Satan and the state of Israel is the little Satan. So they have included DC in the mix.

  27. Dave Says:

    Why isn’t there a lottery system for Ivy League schools too that they just pick random kids with lackluster academic achievements to attend? never mind, they do, that’s how Obama got in.

  28. DNW Says:

    ” miklos000rosza Says:
    November 1st, 2017 at 3:35 am

    I have a hard time watching television news to find out what’s happened after somethin[g] like this. Those put on-camera seem in general so brainless — like bad actors and actresses in an amateurish movie.”

    Feelings … whoa whoa whoa feelings …

    No wonder you want to puke.

  29. arfldgrs Says:

    Richard Aubrey Says: If this happened, there’d be no connection to the bigs. No phone calls, visits, not on a mailing list, nada. So the bigs didn’t weren’t guilty because there had been no connection.
    Today, some people like, for example, this case, would be the same thing, but now we know their social media and computer searches.
    It would be like finding a guy’s radio thirty years ago and having a record of which stations he listened to.

    Actually its MORE complicated than that…
    putting aside your point, lets expand this out to REALITY of how operations are conducted when it has to do with foreign nationals and other things.

    The lone wolf narrative was for public consumption, it has NO meaning in this case, nor most other cases.
    originally out of the CIA paper that the NY Times published in the 70s, all this stuff was to be conspiracy which was to be always “crazy”, as the idea from then was to neuter the public after the public was blamed by the leaders to have costed us Vietnam post Tet and post news.

    however, when your talking foreign nationals, you have things called SLEEPERS
    how far can sleepers go? some come and live and have children and some even train their kids to be loyal to home
    some their kids and eveyrone dont know, and they remain to be “activated”
    the movie telephon, as funny as it was portrayed, had smidgeons of truth in it.
    Like the caches with lightning bombs for security being planted for operatives all over the US

    So they can come here, and sit for 25 years and do nothing… then get a phone call or some contact and do their job.
    this means the whole lone wolf thing is for public consumption, spravka for the rubes in the public to be docile and not be upset at the people who are responsible for this, as who can blame them for this lone actor with no connection to anything.

    AND then comes the idiocy that such a person IF professional, would not appear as a screw up, not appear as something other than what they are… and even more interesting, would sit on facebook or chat rooms and such to trade information… really? maybe a wanna be might but an actual someone would have other means.

    want to know what those other means are? easy…
    you want a package, then have your friend send it to a hotel, they will take it and you can get it from the front desk
    who tracks that?

    need to find out information, and you know that communications are always monitored?
    no problem.. you can load in a free game, and inside the games are chat engines that are not monitored like the bigs
    and you can even send code back and forth so that nothing there would appear as anything
    [learn magic from mentalists and you will find out why they rewrote letters between people
    at los alimos so that the original words and combinations would change so that code would break down]

    but this is for two way communication, you can also use a short wave.. you know, old time radio?
    in my neighborhood by the mosques and massids and where lots of immigrants live, they have short wave.
    why not add a vocal scanner to it, and digitize the speech, scramble it, and transmit it.

    but if communication is one way, well then you have things like NUMBER Stations
    which i brought up before and are similar to the codes used before D-day… “John has a large moustache”
    but they are creepier..

  30. arfldgrs Says:

    NUMBER Stations

    Predicting the behavior of the Lone Wolf
    Artfldgr Says:
    April 13th, 2017 at 9:53 am

    In early 2017, well into the second decade of the most intense wave of international terrorism since the 1970s, the lone wolf has, for many observers, come to represent the most urgent security threat faced by the west. The term, which describes an individual actor who strikes alone and is not affiliated with any larger group, is now widely used by politicians, journalists, security officials and the general public. It is used for Islamic militant attackers and, as the shooting in Quebec shows, for killers with other ideological motivations.

    The myth of the ‘lone wolf’ terrorist

    please forgive the snark… because the post was referring to a past post covering the same over and over
    i copy it verbatim with the same highlights…

    April 13th, 2017 at 9:53 am

    lets try again:
    how does a lone wolf get orders and not be detected as connected

    there are MANY ways, but one COMMON way still working are things called Numbers Stations!!! (And would you believe shortwave is still common?)

    ALL a lone wolf needs is to know the station to listen to to get some message.. END of story… the connection may be long ago, or in college friend, or an aquaintance… our assumptions which are wrong usually cause we think like movies not like reality, and they do not include or conceieve of what is already known as we tend to try to imagine in place of research or knowing… belief trumps knowing as knowing is a special form of beleif.

    After ignoring comments on spycraft, common actions, histories differences if you include them or ignore them, and more… now everyone is going to comment on that which they did not have interest in shortly before? how topical?

    and i posted a definition of what they are

    A numbers station is a shortwave radio station characterized by broadcasts of formatted numbers, which are believed to be addressed to intelligence officers operating in foreign countries. Most identified stations use speech synthesis to vocalize numbers, although digital modes, such as Phase-shift keying and Frequency-shift keying as well as Morse code transmissions are not uncommon. Most stations have set time schedules, or schedule patterns; however, other stations appear to broadcast at random times. Stations may or may not have set frequencies in the HF band.

    they have been running for over half a century and is how spys and such ahve communicated for that long
    its how countries like north korea give orders to their lone wolves… most want to be ligitimized coming through proper channels and so help politics of open borders, even if its just to feed arguments and ideas people here who desire same can copy from.

    one of the most famous of these stations was the Lincolnshire Poacher (numbers station)

    “The Lincolnshire Poacher” was a powerful shortwave numbers station that transmitted from Cyprus from the mid-1970s to June 2008. The station gained its commonly known name as it uses bars from the English folk song “The Lincolnshire Poacher” as an interval signal. The radio station was believed to be operated by the British Secret Intelligence Service and emanated from the island of Cyprus.

    we know the locations by triangulations and there is a large hobby community that tracks them, like train spotting and satelite spotting.. (favors autism as that is their kind of thing too)

    In July 2008, the Lincolnshire Poacher stopped broadcasting. The last recorded transmission of the station was on 29 June 2008. It is believed that the station’s sister station, Cherry Ripe, began to send broadcasts that used to be intended to be sent over the Lincolnshire Poacher station

    Cherry Ripe is the nickname of a discontinued shortwave numbers station that used several bars from the English folk song “Cherry Ripe” as an interval signal. The station was believed to be operated by the British Secret Intelligence Service and to have emanated from Australia. It was thought to have previously broadcast from Guam. It consisted of an electronically synthesised English-accented female voice reading groups of five numbers, e.g. “3-5-7-6-1”. It is likely that the station was used to communicate messages to undercover agents operating in other countries, to be decoded using a one-time pad.

  31. arfldgrs Says:

    “Yankee hotel foxtrot” was a signal sent from spies in Uzbekistan to Chicago, Illinois.

    The conet project Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations
    recorded them / four CD disks of number station recordings…/ you can buy it

    you supposedly can hear on soundcloud for free: https://soundcloud.com/the-conet-project
    and the catalog is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Conet_Project

    there are a lot from spanish places, including cuba, and many fron russia, and even USA and china.
    north korea uses them, and we are to believe the islamics are the only ones that dont?

    here is a russian man:

    and a russian lady:

    and the moscow coupe attempt:

    here is where chinese are sending messages:

    there are also variations, like letter beacons

    Letter beacons are radio transmissions of uncertain origin and unknown purpose, consisting of only a single repeating Morse code letter. They have been classified into a number of groups according to transmission code and frequency, and it is supposed that the source for most of them is Russia.

    In 1982 there were also reports, supposedly based on HF direction finding by the US military, that beacon “K” transmitting on 9043 kHz was located at 48°30′N 134°58′E, near the city of Khabarovsk in the USSR

    ID letter Location
    C Moscow, Russia
    D Odessa, Ukraine
    O Moscow, Russia
    P Kaliningrad, Russia
    S Arkhangelsk, Russia
    U Between Murmansk & Amderma, Russia
    Z Mukachevo, Ukraine
    A Astrakhan, Russia (tentative)
    C Moscow, Russia
    D Sevastopol, Russia
    F Vladivostok, Russia
    K Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia
    M Magadan, Russia
    P Kaliningrad, Russia
    S Severomorsk, Russia
    L Tirana, Albania (inactive)
    R Izhevsk (Ustinov), Russia
    P Kaliningrad, Russia
    V Khiva, Uzbekistan

    yes, they run numbers stations and things out of the country in question

    short wave log entries of such are published at DXWORLD

    Jun24 16:42 UTE 5.094MHz CW “V” possibly Khiva beacon/marker in Xorazm, Uzbekistan, usually on 5.055MHz CW. 419 report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dj.

    Apr30 12:31 UTE 8.819MHz USB Tashkent Volmet, Tashkent, Uzbekistan in Russian by lady announcer. 5X7 report. Jack VK2XQ QF56dj.


    there is no reason to link the man with a place from his own country,
    he could listen to a radio station and know by waht song of the day it was…

    the lone wolf thing was ALWAYS bs and for people who arent creative or know nothing of spycraft and ignore it.
    despite it being one of the largest money line items of most states…

  32. arfldgrs Says:

    F Says:
    November 1st, 2017 at 9:48 am
    ……since he’s been in the US seven years (one-quarter of his life) I would speculate that he was radicalized after arriving. What that means is that he would not have been screened out by extreme vetting.

    Speculations that do not have the right information to use, are wrong. and yours and most others are wrong, because what it does is project your lack of focus and dedication on all others.. (this is NOT an insult, its just different strokes for different folks we cant be everything)…

    why would you speculate radicalization after? because you do not know enough about sleepers and history of such.

    i have pointed out that the average person ignores these things and then imagines everything in the world happens without their influence. that is until its in their face, like the Moscow based Troll Farm… but then they limit it to things like the election, not understanding what 100,000 paid, educated, and trained trolls can do to a population in another country by floating around and injecting all manner of Disinformatzia (amercia is a racit country, look at my proof says the troll)… and russia is not the only one… in fact. i noticed one from china recently on Neos place… not that it matters..

    Famous sleepers… (Russian Illegals Program)

    A sleeper agent is a spy who is placed in a target country or organization not to undertake an immediate mission but to act as a potential asset if activated. Even if unactivated, the “sleeper agent” is still an asset and is still playing an active role in sedition, treason or espionage by virtue of agreeing to act if activated. Sleeper agents are popular plot devices in fiction, particularly in espionage fiction and science fiction. This common use in fiction is directly related to and results from repeated instances of real-life “sleeper agents” participating in spying, espionage, sedition, treason and assassinations.

    we have a habit of disbelieving things once hollywood has stretched them out… sadly, some of the wacky stuff is real, some of the normal stuff is not and visa versa.. but it serves the same point of lone wolf, or do not enter, or verboten or skulls on a stick, or bodies on a cross into the forbidden zone…

    The Illegals Program is a network of sleeper spies planted in the US by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. The ongoing, multi-year investigation culminated in June 2010 with the filing of charges and the arrest of 10 suspects in the US and another in Cyprus. The Russian General Directorate for special programs, or GUSP in Russian transliteration (Главное управление специальных программ, ГУСП), still recruits candidates among students and talented scientists in order to use them as sleeper agents or as legal employees in the police and intelligence bodies in Russia.

    [there are a bunch where i work… because where i work has economic and other things floating around and the people who run it dont care or dont believe in such, so its mostly free range… in fact, they favor hiring ex soviet nationals… and china too… but hey, who cares???]

    before one surmises about things like this
    there is a lot of very clever things one has to learn about first
    really really clever
    [like how the soviets powered a transmitter by using large blocks of concrete that moisture in the air turned to batteries… or how they spied on a senator for over a decade with a device we let sit there thinking it was nothing]

    The Bugged Embassy Case: What Went Wrong
    After a saga of suspicious behavior by Soviet work crews, electronic devices buried in concrete and investigators hanging like rock-climbers from the roof, a secret cable to the American Ambassador resulted, finally, in a halt to what a 1987 Senate committee described as ”the most massive, sophisticated and skillfully executed bugging operation in history.”

  33. arfldgrs Says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Pedestrian ‘trapped beneath London Black Cab’ after it mounts kerb and smashes into crowds in ‘serious collision’ at Covent Garden

    Taxi smashed into crowds as shoppers watched on near market place
    Metropolitan Police has confirmed that incident was not terror related
    Shocking picture shows smashed car come to a halt near building works

  34. Manju Says:

    steve walsh Says:

    What the heck is a “diversity immigrant”?

    I’ve asked my lefty friends this question a number of times but have never gotten an answer: why do they bend themselves into pretzels to cover for these Islamic perpetrators of violence?

    More Republican Senators, and a higher % of them, voted for the program in question. Bush I signed it into law. See here:


    Unless you are telling me that Republicans were the left-wing party in 1989-90*, I’m not sure what your point is.

    *To be fair, it’s 1989…and a quick glance tells me that most Democratic opposition came from their White Supremacist faction, Dixiecrats like Robert Byrd and Fritz Hollings along with descendants or sympathizers of aforementioned faction (Al Gore, Richard Shelby).

    How to account for this when discussing the right-left ideological spectrum in the US is a whole other bag of worms.

  35. Manju Says:

    To be fair (again) House support was more Democratic, though the bill had a majority of both parties:


  36. Molly NH Says:

    diversity immigration= Ted Kennedy

  37. neo-neocon Says:

    To all:

    If you want to talk about the diversity visa program, I’ve got a new post up today about it.

  38. Dave Says:

    Why liberals care so much about diversifying origins of our immigrants with this stupid lottery but doesn’t seem to notice that this lack of diversity among immigrants problem originated from the fact that most illegal immigrants come from mexico? why not diversifying our immigrants by not allow overwhelming number of hispanic illegal immigrants into our country by building a wall?

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