November 7th, 2017

Gun control law: the Air Force messed up

The question of how the Texas church killer purchased his guns is now answered. There was a failure to report his previous offense by the organization tasked with doing so, the Air Force:

A day after a gunman massacred parishioners in a small Texas church, the Air Force admitted on Monday that it had failed to enter the man’s domestic violence court-martial into a federal database that could have blocked him from buying the rifle he used to kill 26 people.

Under federal law, the conviction of the gunman, Devin P. Kelley, for domestic assault on his wife and toddler stepson — he had cracked the child’s skull — should have stopped Mr. Kelley from legally purchasing the military-style rifle and three other guns he acquired in the last four years…

The Air Force also said it was looking into whether other convictions had been improperly left unreported to the federal database for firearms background checks.

Logic would dictate from this set of circumstances that the answer to better prevention is enforcement of existing laws.

But although both sides might agree that this would be a good thing, the anti-gun groups also want to use each incident of violence to advocate for more restrictive laws in general rather than take the logical lessons of incident one more narrowly.

I actually think that mass murders such as the one in Texas are so disturbing that everyone wants to prevent them, but that the two sides (for the most part, anyway) sincerely differ on how to go about it. Yes, indeed, there are leftists (many of them) who have a plan to disarm ordinary people in order to better effect control of and power over the population. But most people who support more gun control are not activist leftists, they are people who are truly frustrated and distraught at the number of murders in this country. And most people on the right are likewise frustrated and distraught at the same phenomenon, but they believe that enforcement of the current rules they feel are reasonable (such as the one that would have prohibited Kelley from obtaining a firearm) as well as more gun training and ownership among the general populace are the ways to go.

What’s more—and this seems so obvious that I wouldn’t think it would need repeating, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—it’s not so hard to purchase a gun illegally if a person is determined to do so, and there are other pretty effective ways to kill people (bombs, for example), even large numbers of people.

12 Responses to “Gun control law: the Air Force messed up”

  1. Kyndyll G Says:

    I don’t believe that rank-and-file lefties of the “All Feelz All the Time” ilk are thinking of disarming the populace in advance of a tyrannical takeover. They have the mentality of naïve children; they actually believe that more and more gun laws will prevent crimes involving guns. (So believes people who think actually enforcing laws against certain subsets of the population is racist – but that’s a whole other topic.)

    They don’t blame (most) criminals for crimes; crime is because of poverty, or inequality, or racism, or, or, or … but never the fault of a person who chooses to commit a crime against someone else. Therefore, it’s easy for them to believe that if you make it impossible for someone to buy a gun legally, you stop gun crime. It never occurs to them that the only people stopped by strict gun laws are law-abiding citizens – who aren’t the ones committing crimes with guns. They completely fail to understand the irony that they are putting law-abiding citizens even more at risk of being a victim of an armed criminal by removing the most effective tool the rest of us have to stop an armed criminal.

    Because of their refusal to accept that crime happens because of a criminal, not a tool used by a criminal, they fail to grasp that even if you manage to make guns rare and difficult to obtain by any means, legal or otherwise, all you’re doing is squeezing people who want to commit violent crimes from guns to other weapons – machetes, knives, IEDs, acid, Home Depot rental trucks, etc. Their very refusal to address the real cause of crime (the person who chooses to commit the crime) just makes it difficult to do anything useful to reduce violent crime, either by removing criminals from the population, or mounting any effective intervention.

    It does not help that everything the far-left anti-gun crowd knows about guns is what they see in movies, what their wild imagination tells them, or what they hear from their equally uninformed friends. I’m guessing that not one in 10,000 anti-gun lefties has ever sat for an hour or two waiting for a background check at a gun show; so they go on believing that anyone can buy any scary gun whatsoever at a gun show.

  2. OldTexan Says:

    Hmmm, the Air Force messed up and who was Commander-in-Chief at that time? It’s time to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

  3. parker Says:

    Government agencies are not known for speed and accuracy. The land is thick with laws at all levels of government that restrict, bind, and create many bureaucratic hurdles to exercising the right to keep and beat arms. Rarely do these laws and regulations prevent criminals or would be criminals obtaining a firearm.

    Kyndyll is on target, the left are so ignorant of firearms and people like me, a lifetime NRA member, that they are utter fools in my eyes. They should all be required to put a gun free home sign on their front door.

  4. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” 2nd Amendment

    Infringe:”to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another;” Merriam-Webster

    So gun control is unconstitutional. Period.

    Of course the 2nd amendment can be amended.

    But to amend it, you basically deny individuals the right to self-defense.

    Societally, you also overturn the proposition that mankind has inalienable rights that are non-revocable because they are granted by an infallible creator.

    Overturn that premise and rights are reduced to privileges. Since what one consensus of men may grant, a later consensus of men may rescind.

    Liberty rests upon rights not privileges.

    Today, many Americans would sacrifice an essential liberty for the false promise of an imagined security. As Franklin observed, they shall have neither.

  5. parker Says:


    We have too few people that know government is not established to protect/respect you; it is established to exploit you to empower the elitists. We have not enough “don’t tread on me” people. IMO, a person may be smart, but people in general are stupid. Which ironically makes me an elitist.

  6. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Or maybe the Air Force, CIA, Deep State engineered this to test one of their assassination programs using deep conditioning protocols.

    I find it convenient that many of these assassins have been conditioned to off themselves once they are used up and triggered.

    That’s very convenient. If Oswald had been given this conditioning, they never would have needed mafia agents to off him.

    The police unions have demonstrated for a fact that the conditioning of police officers to pull the trigger, without realizing that they are killing people or even pulling the trigger, has been finished. It is unstable still, but the R/D has already been done. The Alt Right’s NLP and Noam Chomsky, have done even more work on this field.

    It used to be that humans found it very difficult to kill people, especially using melee weapons. Even in WW1 and WW2, the number of active shooters was about 50%. What did the rest do? Reload, dig fortifications, and serve as meat shields. Not glorious, but more realistic.

    It wasn’t until Vietnam that the military found a way to condition people to obey orders without question in killing, and realized a 75+% and climbing rate.

    PTSD also increased as a result…

    In the ancient mode of thought, the number of “warriors” could be counted as 10%. Or even less than that, 1%.

    Were the rest cowards or incompetents? No. They just couldn’t bring themselves to activate the killing intent, even under hot blood. So they got killed. Arrows and spears. The farther away a person is, the easier it is activate enough Intent to intentionally murder them.

    The Romans found a different method. Just a tall shield and just have people blindly stab the guts from underneath. With that way, they don’t immediately die, and people are just going through the motions without seeing the faces of the dead. As a soldier method, it was pretty efficient.

    The USA has 50% traitors that need to be dealt with, or else they will deal with you all first.

    The AIr Force may have intentionally set up this guy as an assassin, a discardable asset.

    Here we go with the conspiracy theories, right. Then again, the people who only get on the band wagon when the news tells them it is true… well, I wouldn’t want to deal with those sorts.

  7. Mr. Frank Says:

    The screw up by the Air Force made me wonder if the recent Navy collisions at sea are related. During the draft, young men had to join something when they finished high school. Draft deferments where possible, but sooner or later you had to do something. Guys joined the Navy or Air Force to avoid the infantry. Guys joined ROTC or Officer Training.This resulted in some very talented guys in the military. Who joins the military now? Even the military academies aren’t elite any more. The Texas shooter shows how desperate the services are. Ditto for Bergdahl.

  8. AesopFan Says:

    parker Says:
    November 7th, 2017 at 4:11 pm

    They should all be required to put a gun free home sign on their front door.
    * * *
    So it’s been said. But you’ll have to pass a law to make them do it.

    Here’s the view from the other side. I haven’t vetted her links, although I looked at a few; without actual access to the original reports and data — well, we all know how easily “stats” are spun, by all sides.

  9. Richard Aubrey Says:

    By the time this kind of paperwork gets into the files, it’s federal civil service employees doing the work.
    And let’s not be too harsh on them. That Pr0n isn’t going to watch itself, you know.

  10. Tuvea Says:

    Kyndyll G. has it right.

    Millions of Americans legally own guns. So because a handful of idiots decide to murder groups of random people the Left wants to confiscate everyone else’s guns.

    They seem to think the evil doers will meekly give up their weapons. If we were absurd enough to ban all guns the numbers of innocent Americans being massacred would skyrocket.

    Of course that may be what the Left wants to happen.

    By the way as I have posted before I do not own any firearms. Knowing my competence concerning ‘situational awareness’ I figure I’d be more of a danger to myself or my loved ones than to any ‘bad guy’.

  11. Steve57 Says:

    I doubt your’are danger to yourself.

  12. Ymar Sakar Says:

    They seem to think the evil doers will meekly give up their weapons.

    The evil doers are Republicans, or have you not heard.

    They want to disarm you because their leaders want to put the Red Guard and Stalin’s purges into effect. Ayers have talked about this, it is not like they were hiding it.

    Civil War 2, not just what the unpopular crowd is talking about now.

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