November 8th, 2017

On the phenomenon of racist graffiti in schools

Another one bites the dust:

An Air Force Academy cadet candidate once thought the victim of racial slurs at the preparatory school on campus was actually the vandal who scrawled the threatening messages across the note boards outside his room and the dwellings of classmates.

The academy confirmed that finding Tuesday afternoon, and stood by a stern speech given by its top general in the wake of the incident. Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria gathered cadets and staff members for a speech that has gone viral in videos posted across the internet. He said that those who can’t respect others “need to get out.”

“Regardless of the circumstances under which those words were written, they were written, and that deserved to be addressed,” Silveria said in a Tuesday email. “You can never over-emphasize the need for a culture of dignity and respect – and those who don’t understand those concepts, aren’t welcome here.”

I’ve noticed over the years that nearly every incident of racist graffiti at colleges and universities gets a huge amount of attention and outrage and turns out to be self-perpetuated, a kind of racism Munchausen’s syndrome. I guess the perpetrators consider that it’s worth the publicity and works as propaganda, and maybe it does. It’s certainly long been a favorite ploy of the left. After all, how many people hear only the initial report and never get the memo on the correction?

However, I am certain that racism exists and that there are racists on college campuses. They come in all races, and some are obviously going to be white people who are racist towards black people. But most of them are not scrawling racist graffiti in public places, whatever might be going on in their secret heart of hearts.

It has gotten to the point where every time I hear one of these stories about graffiti, and hear administrators solemnly lecture their student bodies about it, I think “Wait and see.”

In this case, the student involved (who is unnamed) may have been…:

…[acting] in a bizarre bid to get out of trouble he faced at the school for other misconduct. The prep school offers a year of training for academy prospects who need academic help. The school is primarily used to fill athletic rosters for the academy’s 37 NCAA teams.

This is not the only problem at the school:

Several players and coaches from the academy lacrosse team were suspended last month for unspecified misconduct.

Additionally, the school is investigating 13 freshmen accused of cheating on a test of basic military knowledge. The test includes simple questions, some asking cadets to recite quotes and name key military leaders.

This is very disturbing. The rot seems rather widespread. The Air Force is not having a good week otherwise, either, having been implicated in negligent mishandling of the reporting of offenses committed by the Texas church shooter while in the service, thereby failing to stop him from legally purchasing a gun when he should not have been able to do so. It also follows major problems at West Point.

What’s going on here? I’d say the Gramscian march is going on.

30 Responses to “On the phenomenon of racist graffiti in schools”

  1. Beverly Says:

    This is embarrassing, or should be:

    “The prep school offers a year of training for academy prospects who need academic help. The school is primarily used to fill athletic rosters for the academy’s 37 NCAA teams.”

    No comment….

  2. Griffin Says:

    Apparently all the military academies have just become like most other ‘elite’ universities now. Of course the major difference is that taxpayers foot the entire bill at these institutions.

    Yet another opportunity to thank the Obama presidency I guess.

  3. Paul in Boston Says:

    The only significant racism in the US is against white heterosexual men, and is de riguer on college campuses.

  4. AesopFan Says:

    “After all, how many people hear only the initial report and never get the memo on the correction?”

    Most of them, because that’s the average of “all who only listen to MSM outlets” with “a lot of LIVs of other factions”.

    For the Leftist journos who man the ramparts where “democracy dies in darkness”, this is a feature, not a bug.

  5. AesopFan Says:

    Also on initial report v. memo: (h/t HotAir)

    “The news media, filled with politically correct liberals who love a good racism narrative, like Charlie Brown getting tricked by Lucy pulling away his football, fall for this every single time. Of course, part of why it keeps happening is that there is very little, if any, price to pay when it turns out these stories are false. The retraction is a minor deal, quickly discarded with no follow up, and with the general consensus/rationalization being their intentions were good and there was “no harm, no foul.”

    However, these stories actually do extreme harm to race relations both as they are being fraudulently birthed, and again when they are ultimately quietly put in their graves. As is so often the case, the only winners are news media who get an easy ratings-friendly story, and the liberal white male academics who get to keep their jobs by falsely blaming the wrong people.”

  6. Harry the Extremist Says:

    You know, the entire story had that smell to it. Even as bad as the service academies have fallen, it seemed to be beyond credibility that you would have someone…some white guy, that would be that immature, to commit an act like that, that was so overt. Yet I fell for it too just off the weight of the outrage instead of any empirical evidence.

  7. parker Says:

    It is obvious. Fake hate crimes are largely created by racists on the left. Duh. Any time there are ‘hate crimes’ the left are the perps. Poor poor pi

  8. Gringo Says:

    At least with the Air Force there are negative administrative consequences for the hoaxer, as he is no longer at the prep school. The impression I get is that rarely are there negative administrative consequences for the hoaxers. In my opinion, there should be negative administrative consequences, to discourage future hoaxers.

    The irony of someone trying this hoax out in the Air Force is that the Air Force has long been hospitable to blacks. The father of a childhood friend was a Tuskegee Airman. His opinion of the Air Force is seen by where he chose to be buried: Arlington National Cemetery.

    I taught at a school where two fellow teachers were retired Air Force officers- and also black. I never heard a bad word about the Air Force from them. One was constantly comparing the principal’s dysfunctional management style- her contract wasn’t renewed- with the competent management styles of the Air Force.

    The WaPo compares the Air Force hoax with other recent hoaxes.A black student wrote those racist messages that shook the Air Force Academy, school says.

  9. Cornflour Says:


  10. Kyndyll G Says:

    There’s an obvious reason why lefties are responsible for virtually all supposed racist “hate crimes”: no one else cares about skin color, and hasn’t in generations.

    The only way the left can keep the myth of racism alive is to commit racist acts to blame on others.

  11. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Some of us were way ahead of others on the matter of of illuminating the Hussein Regime’s purge of the US military and reconstruction of the armed forces.

    What people see and talk about now, was pretty obvious by 2012.

  12. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Yet I fell for it too just off the weight of the outrage instead of any empirical evidence.

    About time people thought about upgrading their virus detectors and firewall.

    Don’t just click on any file you download off those advertisers, some of them might just be viral ransomware.

  13. Ymar Sakar Says:

    What people think they are doing with Leftist propaganda is resisting it, but by the time you “open” it in your head, your OS is already corrupt and penetrated. All of your thoughts and emotions are now filtered through the viral infiltration. You are no longer in control.

    That’s why you don’t open files from the Left…

    There are 3 defenses, some of them very original. Virtual OS boxes, viral detectors, and firewalls.

  14. Mr. Frank Says:

    The recent collision problems of the Navy, the Air Force problems with the Texas shooter and the decline of the service academies reveal one cost of ending the draft. The Navy and Air Force had many sharp recruits who were avoiding the draft and the Army. Admissions were competitive. Now as we saw with the Texas shooter and Bergdahl, Warm bodies make the cut.

    The Navy inquiry into the collisions concluded that the people steering the ships did not know what they were doing. With 60% of young people going to college after high school, the available talent pool for the military is a fished out pond.

  15. Dave Says:

    Does anyone know what being a racist feel like? Do racists know they are racists? Are sjws really people who care about the well being of minorities or just racists who hate whites and Christians using social justice as a cover to push anti white sentiments. There is this guy called Shaun king, I follow him on Twitter, it is 100% no question in my mind that this man is a racist and he has a foul hatred toward everything white, but somehow he still sees himself as a hero fighting institutional racism in a white supremacy society.

  16. steve walsh Says:

    Like Beverly above, this story brought these two things to my attention:

    1. “The prep school offers a year of training for academy prospects who need academic help.”

    2. “The school is primarily used to fill athletic rosters for the academy’s 37 NCAA teams.”

    The Academy seems to have wandered far from its mission of training the best and brightest for service in our military.

  17. Julia Says:

    I’m getting to the point that leftists shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a position of power. These people are poison, everywhere.

  18. Mr. Frank Says:

    I recall when an appointment to West Point or Annapolis was very prestigious and the young men had good grades and sports participation. Often, they were eagle scouts. That was in the Fifties.

  19. Richf Says:

    Like you, I’m sure that there are some racists on our campuses, and it’s reasonable to expect some incidents of racism.

    The curious thing is that many of those incidents which are publicized turn out to be fake, while real incidents seem to get little or no media attention (how many can most people name ?).

    Of course things like graffiti, nooses in trees, and so forth, are obviously deliberately intended to attract attention.

    Maybe we should ask why the perpetrators would want to do that, and therefore WHO would want to do that ?

  20. Ray Says:

    Just remember now, diversity is our strength according to the Army. You have to make that diversity quota.

  21. Cornflour Says:


    Yesterday and today, I’ve tried adding a comment here, but it never appears. I then wrote a comment consisting of the single word “test.” That comment does appear (November 8th, 2017 at 7:17 pm).

    Now I’m trying this as a second test. If this one appears, then I have to assume that there’s a comment content filter on your blog, and I used a word that induced it. On the other hand, if this comment doesn’t appear, then I’m baffled — not that you’d know.

  22. Oldflyer Says:

    For Beverly and Steve, I disagree with your premise. The Academies have had prep schools since before I entered college; and that would be at least 65 years. They have historically served a useful purpose.

    It is true that many of the attendees are athletes who are not prepared to enter directly into the, hopefully, rigorous academic environment for one reason or another. This does not not necessarily prove a lack of intellectual capacity. It may simply be that certain courses that are requisite for the Academy’s curricula were not completed in high school. In addition to athletes, another source of Prep School attendees are very bright enlisted personnel who have won appointed to the Academy by virtue of superior performance despite academic deficiencies.

    Then again, being the “best and brightest” in the class room may not equate to the leadership qualities and the physical courage that is prized among military officers. These are often found among the athletes.

    I will confess that I entered Navy flight training without a college degree. At the time, you could do so with only two years of college. Although not demonstrably among the best and brightest academically, I managed a reasonably successful career over the course of twenty-five years, and managed to eventually obtain a graduate degree. A number of my contemporaries completed exceptionally successful careers, marked by leadership in combat, as well as managerial excellence. In truth, as Officers progressed through their careers it became harder to differentiate on the basis of academic background.

    The current problems in the Academies have nothing to do with the historic roles of the Prep Schools. It is possible, however, that roles of the Prep Schools have evolved along with the general direction of society.

  23. Oldflyer Says:

    Mr Frank, I have read the accident summaries of both collisions; and they read like horror stories. But, having written a few accident reports, and read many others,I can tell you that they nearly always read that way. Nearly every accident involves a chain of errors that in hindsight appear avoidable.

    The quality of recruits may be lower now; but, a few thoughts come to mind in that regard. It is mistake to believe that young people go into the military only because they are not college material. Many still pay for college through “sweat equity” in service. But, recruitment has always been a mixed bag. Back in the 60s I sat on courts martial and listened to Sailors tell us that they were only in the Navy because a Judge gave them a choice; and for every exceptional person who joined to get ahead of the draft, there were many who simply hated that they were forced to serve. Finally, accidents at sea are not a recent phenomenon. As many as forty years ago I witnessed episodes of human error aboard ship that were inexplicable and nearly led to tragedy. Except for the grace….
    All I can say is that it is a very dynamic environment.

    Nevertheless, like most “old timers”, I do believe that too much focus has been put on social issues in our military, at the expense of professional qualifications and sound discipline.

  24. Don Zimmer Says:

    I believe that the problems that abound throughout the services are a result of the laxity of training and discipline which has been replaced by a cult of political correctness. Instead of waiting until a thorough investigation of the racist graffiti was complete, the Air Force commandant felt the need to quickly and publicly posture before the cadets and the media, showing that that he was pure of heart and ideologically and politically pristine. The whole thing disturbs me in that it is apparent that military leaders seem more determined to display their purity than to do what is right which in this case was to avoid jumping to conclusions.

  25. AesopFan Says:

    Mr. Frank Says:
    November 9th, 2017 at 10:31 am
    I recall when an appointment to West Point or Annapolis was very prestigious and the young men had good grades and sports participation. Often, they were eagle scouts. That was in the Fifties.
    * **
    Putting that achievement on your application now will probably get you cut.

  26. blert Says:


    That’s a FACT.

    The Ivies openly admit that they exclude eagle scouts.

  27. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Mr. Frank Says:
    November 8th, 2017 at 10:52 pm

    The draft is a Demoncrat strategy. They kept trying to reinstate it after Nixon, because without it they cannot use fear to create anti war protests on demand.

    Whenever a Demoncrat gets into the White House, the US military becomes a paper tiger.

    That’s just a fact. It takes them some time to replace the warriors with the Democrat bean counters, after a Reagan or Bush II.

    In fact, it has taken them this long to infiltrate the US military institutions after Nixon.

    Those people longing for the draft, are full of nostalgia and are being led by the nose by Demoncrat strategy.

  28. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Putting that achievement on your application now will probably get you cut.

    Only until the homos get a majority infiltration of the Scouts.

    The Left loves a military hero that sides with them. Berg. That other trans whatever.

  29. Ymar Sakar Says:

    The whole thing disturbs me in that it is apparent that military leaders seem more determined to display their purity than to do what is right which in this case was to avoid jumping to conclusions.

    Hussein didn’t spend 8 years purging the US military for nothing.

    Some people here even heard the warning about that around 2012 but didn’t believe it. What’s there to believe, the US military will always side with US patriots and militia fighting a tyrannical government right?

    No, not really.

  30. Cornflour Says:

    This is just another test.

    Please ignore.

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