November 13th, 2017

The Republican civil war: have you noticed…

…the proliferation of comments all around the right side of the blogosphere that blame the GOPe for the accusations against Roy Moore?

This is in the vein of the sort of thing I’ve written about for years: the Republican civil war.

For example:

If these groups [on the right] persist in tearing each other apart, they will splinter into two parties—and, as I’ve written before, help assure a lengthy hegemony for the liberal/left.

I wrote that in early 2013, and I’ve written similar things before and after. It’s only gotten worse over time, and the only group that I see reaping the benefits is the left.

46 Responses to “The Republican civil war: have you noticed…”

  1. expat Says:

    You can blame social media for some of this. I don’t do facebook or twitter, but I do read comments at some good blogs. There are no discussions anymore at many. You just get comment after comment with people screaming at one another. No one seems to want comments to enlighten them any more or show a different take on a controversial issue. Your commenters are probably the best online, Neo. Thank you for giving us a place to think and learn.

  2. TommyJay Says:

    I don’t see that Joe Lieberman, Bernie Sanders, or Angus King have exactly destroyed the Dem party. Of course, being Independent isn’t quite the same as a separate party. Though for the purposes of winning an open-to-all election, it seems like it is about the same. Plus, no one believes that a Sen. Sanders is going to pick-and-choose which party to vote with.

    Some elections now seem to reject the plurality/non-majority win, taking the top vote getters to a run off.

    Neo’s main point appears to be stopping hegemony on left. Well, they have complete hegemony in policy right now, even with an electorally ascendant GOP. We’ve spent 40 years where the policy ratchet only turns in one direction. Time to try something new??

    The GOPe, i.e. country club Republicans, i.e. seat warmers, govern at the pleasure of the hedge funds and giant corporations. Look at the tax bills; they are still strongly tilted in favor of the large corp. at the expense of small business. This has real negative consequences, especially since small business is the prime driver of job growth.

  3. KLSmith Says:

    They don’t call the GOP the stupid party for no reason.

  4. Gordon Says:

    As one standing to the right of GOPe, here’s how it looks to us: if they’re conservatives, what exactly are they conserving? After years and multiple votes to end Obamacare, now they have a president who will sign the bill, and Murkowski, Collins, McCain and Flake now say, whoa, we can’t vote for that? Fine, good, then enjoy your time on the committee on fisheries and golf, because that’s your new assignment. That’s what McConnell should be doing, but never does.

  5. Irv Says:

    Just what exactly do conservatives have to lose by challenging the GOPe? Most of us believe that the country either changes course or we go down slowly with the GOPe or quickly with the Dems. I’ll go with at least the chance of winning with Trump and the conservatives versus no chance with the GOPe or the Dems.

  6. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    A slower but just as certain March to the Collective has been and will continue to be, the fate we face, as long as the GOPe calls the shots.

    The GOPe’s desperation to hold on to their Oligarchic Status Quo utterly blinds them to the fact that ‘compromise’ with the democrats, who are pursuing Marxist ideologies wrapped in a facade of ‘progressivism’, is exactly to that which Lenin referred when he laughingly said, “the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them…”

  7. kevino Says:

    I blame GOPe for the TIMING of these revelations. I suspect that GOPe found out about this months ago. They either know that the allegations are true or are difficult to refute (i.e. there are credible witnesses and some circumstantial evidence). So they sat on it and released the information at the last minute.

    This is being done to undermine efforts at reforming the GOP by throwing out anyone that challenges the Elites control.

    I agree with IRV: voting for any Republicans while GOPe is in control is more than a waste of time: it is a foolish act that undermines Western democratic values and goes against my interests.

    The GOPe is willing to hurt their own party to teach the peons to respect their leadership, but I am willing to burn the GOP down to the foundations to rid the world of their “leadership”.

  8. expat Says:

    I wish that instead of name calling, more conservatives would take time to present informed, rational arguments to convince. Many are as locked in their bubble just as much as Dems are locked in theirs.

  9. Griffin Says:

    I’m pretty alarmed by the reactions of some of these establishment types to the Moore situation. It sure seems like they are saying if it’s someone we are not a fan of then all it takes is someone to come along and accuse them of something from maybe decades ago and that’s all they need to throw out the will of the voters. That’s kind of scary.

  10. civil truth Says:

    Actually, the fault line has always been there, it’s just that the sheep are waking up to the discovery that the party shepherds just want their votes. The Democrats have a similar split going on as well. Interesting times ahead, as Humpty Dumpty isn’t going to get put back together again.

  11. Tom Says:

    One pattern I’ve noticed in the GOP is that whenever there is a scandal, like the Moore situation, we eat our own. Before there’s anything really credible to go on, we’re demanding people step aside. The Democrats don’t do that. If the Moore situation was a Dem problem rather than a Republican problem, they circle the wagons, win the election, and then replace him after the fact. I haven’t a clue whether Moore is guilty of what he’s being accused of. The timing of the issue makes it a dubious claim for me.

  12. Griffin Says:

    One other really interesting thing about this Moore story is that Trump endorsed his opponent so he has sort of been spared from attack on this particular one. Can you imagine if he had campaigned for Moore?

  13. OldTexan Says:

    This Moore thing is kind of a tough one. At first I thought what the hell, there must be a bit of fire if there is that much smoke and then I read his bio which I am sure is biased in Wiki and this is a real strange man. He is a West Point ring-knocker who ended up spending his Captain years being an ass-hole running a prison in Nam where his men literally hated him and remember MP’s who he was in charge of are ass-holes.

    His quote when he took over in Nam was that everything was in shambles and he was going to straighten it all out. One Captain we had in Europe came in to straighten us ASA types in 1969 and he yelled about haircuts until he was caught, true story, whacking off looking in some German teen age girls window while they were undressing and he got shipped out fast.

    I distrust people who have a little bit of power and go nuts on those under them. Of course the real strange part of the bio was when Moore lost a race and went to Texas to become a kick-boxer while he was doing construction work. That’s strange for a West Point Grad and Law School Grad who had been in the DA’s office to take a sabbatical to kick box for awhile. Right after that he left the country for Australia to be a cowboy for a year and then he came back and did his lawyer DA stuff and now he is worth 2.5 million and that is kind of strange too.

    I am a conservative on the far right on most issues but this fish has an oder.

  14. Cap'n Rusty Says:

    Trump goes by gut instinct a lot, but it seems to me he’s more often right than wrong. For instance, he favored Strange, not Moore. And when he’s wrong, he’s pretty good at firing. Except for Sessions; I can’t figure out why Sessions is still in there.

  15. Frog Says:

    I do not like the self-righteous, know-it-all, McConnell-type piling on. These are allegations about a few alleged events that took place decades ago? By a few bimbettes who are now perimenopausal and are highly likely to have been paid to tell their stories (fiction? Non-fiction?). Who knows?? No one, especially the McConnells of the GOP. These are the GOP worms who are defending our Constitution against the Democratic assault? The Democrats who excused Bill Clinton’s cigar exercises in Monica’s vagina?
    We need more than luck. We need a new Party, a Constitutional Party in which worms will have many fewer places (since they cannot be entirely excluded).

    As to Old Texan, he is old indeed, and kinda mixed up. What a dude did in Europe in 1969 has zip to do with Moore. Whose judicial refusal to take down the Ten Commandments made him honorable in my book.

  16. Matt_SE Says:

    Sorry, but you can’t keep the peace where there’s no peace. McConnell declared open war on the base years ago. He wasn’t joking.
    So now we’re going to destroy him.

    When the party is purged, things will calm down again. Only, we’ll have much more effective leadership.

  17. Mike K Says:

    The GOPe, i.e. country club Republicans, i.e. seat warmers, govern at the pleasure of the hedge funds and giant corporations.

    Yes. I wonder about the timing of the Moore story. Why Now ? He has been a well known figure in Alabama politics for years. It smells to high heaven.

  18. Frog Says:

    Old Texan:
    I have read the entire, quite long piece on Judge Moore in Wikipedia.

    I must say that some of the “facts” you claim to have drawn from Wiki are not there. Not. There. At. All. You cite no other sources.
    Nothing about kick-boxing in TX, for example. Or some of your other, goofier allegations. Are you reading from a Democratic AL campaign flyer?
    The Wiki article only says that at some point in 1982, after an election loss, he went to live in Australia for a year.

    Yes he was a strict Captain in ‘Nam. So it says.
    “Fragging”, the rolling of a live fragmentation grenade into the tents of squad leaders, usually 1st Lieutenants, who were unpopular with the troops they commanded, was not uncommon in the ‘Nam war, and for an officer to be concerned about that risk was entirely justified.

    Moore has swum strongly against the liberalizing tide, present even in the Deep South, over the past 50 years.

    BTW, it is hardly unknown for men in their 30s to marry women just 16. Mohammed of Allah fame took a 9 year-old as a bride. That has gone on for many, many centuries.
    My wife is 19 yrs younger than I am. Not the first for either of us though.

  19. AesopFan Says:

    Tom Says:
    November 13th, 2017 at 5:26 pm
    One pattern I’ve noticed in the GOP is that whenever there is a scandal, like the Moore situation, we eat our own. Before there’s anything really credible to go on, we’re demanding people step aside. The Democrats don’t do that. If the Moore situation was a Dem problem rather than a Republican problem, they circle the wagons, win the election, and then replace him after the fact. I haven’t a clue whether Moore is guilty of what he’s being accused of. The timing of the issue makes it a dubious claim for me.
    * * *
    I agree with everything except that bolded point, and I would have to have a citation on that because I don’t remember the Dems ever getting rid of anyone convicted of anything (except Weiner, and he was never elected to anything IIRC).

    For another view (again not pro or con Moore himself), there is this consideration:
    NOTE: I hate to say “trust my quotes” but I get a lot of antivirus alerts from the adblockers when I read LU and NRO

    “It’s hard to take the righteous crsaders seriously when they take morally inconsistent positions for politics’ sake.

    For example: when they wax sanctimonious about a 32-year-old man trying to “date” or “grope” a 14-year-old girl, but the next minute insist on any of the following:

    (a) that a grown man who claims to think he is a woman be allowed to disrobe in front of 14-year-old girls in a women’s locker room, and women and girls just need to get over it;

    (b) that it’s bigotry to take precautions against the possibility that a grown man who enters a women’s changing room (perhaps not even on the pretext that he thinks he’s a woman) might assault or engage in voyeurism at a 14-year-old girl there;

    (c) that adult employees of the public schools must be allowed to lead 14-year-olds in “exploring their sexual feelings,” and indeed, must suggest to them lists of feelings to explore.”
    * * *
    That takes care of the Left’s moral posturing, but not the Right’s, which I think is the more serious existential problem.

    So she goes on to consider a post which is unattributed, but I remember as coming from David French here:

    “Basically, the (right-wing) tweeter’s point was that if voters feel they need to vote for a man accused of sexual assault, because that’s their only choice in a race that matters so much politically, they should change perspective and trust the God they believe in instead.

    In other words, don’t assume that the only option is to hold your nose and put your faith in a vote that may violate your moral beliefs.

    This is actually an admonition to let go of what the stakes are for you: to put them in God’s hands, rather than thinking the stakes are in yours.

    I am certainly in sympathy with that sentiment. (In fact, it’s why I wrote in a candidate for president on my ballot in 2016.)

    But on behalf of Alabama voters, my response to the tweeter who said that would be: You first, brother. Consider the possibility that you can put in God’s hands the choices other people make.”

    * * *
    A lot of questions are being raised in this situation, because the Right is truly between the devil and the deep blue sea.
    Support a baker for refusing to use his talents in celebration of gay marriage? No problem.
    Support a politician when he denies that he committed deplorable personal acts with young women and girls?
    Not so easy.

    French and Romney and others go so far as to assert that there is no right to due process when the allegations are so awful: “Innocent until proven guilty is for criminal convictions, not elections.”

    But the actions alleged are criminal – so it’s not just an election, and Moore is entitled to the due process that we allow any accused defendant.

    Dyer links to a post by Erick Erickson (I won’t include it here) that reaches out for the real dilemma faced by the voters in Alabama, and by extension, any other conservatives caught in a similar vise (it echoes, of course, the 2016 election, and gives much the same answer, but with more import, because this is not the first, and will not be the last time the Left attacks and the Right faces the same dilemma).

    “I don’t blame the Roy Moore voters for thinking people are out to get them because people really are out to get them.

    Moore is a fighter for these people. He purports to share their values. And all the people his voters hate happen to hate Roy Moore. They talk about innocence until proven guilty, but they’re ready to run Moore out of town.

    Y’all, I think the facts of the case as presented by the Washington Post are pretty damning. If I were a voter in Alabama, I would probably have to sit it out. But there are a lot of voters who are really damn tired of the culture war and they just want to be left alone. But the left won’t leave them alone. They’re coming for their churches’ tax exempt status. They are coming to force them to either get on board the secular progressive agenda or go into hiding. They are coming for their kids and their guns as well.

    So now you are telling them they are really awful, bad people if they stick with Roy Moore instead of allowing into office a man who will side with the people who are out to get them?

    I suspect they’ll take your aspersions and hate. They already think you hate them. And because the other side will accept nothing less than the destruction of their way of life, even if they want to walk away from Roy Moore they can’t. Because the other side is bent on their destruction and they think, rightly, that Roy Moore is the only one standing with them.

    So we have the luxury of turning our nose up at it. And we can say character counts. But they believe character and morals count too and while they might find Moore’s actions reprehensible, they know the other side won’t be happy until their kids are brainwashed into thinking boys can be girls, a baby’s brains can be harvested with taxpayer subsides, and guns should be made extinct.

    You really want to make them choose? You helped cause an existential crisis where they have every good reason to believe their way of life and their values are at stake and you want them to surrender? I can’t blame them for refusing even if I disagree. If you’re demanding the other side surrender in the culture war, don’t be surprised when they’re willing to stand with people they’d never otherwise consider in the name of protecting themselves and their families.”

    * * *
    One more time for the record: I don’t know who is telling the truth. Neither do you. Neither do they.
    But everyone is entitled to due process.
    Always — even in an election.

  20. J.J. Says:

    My stance: If the claims of the former 14 year old girl are true, and only she and Moore know the truth, he should resign and put his support behind a write-in campaign for Luther Strange. Barring that, the GOPe should say that it is up to the voters of Alabama to decide if Moore is telling the truth. The carpet-bagging GOPe should not try to condemn or praise Moore, just stay out of the way. The anti-establishment Repubs (like Steve Bannon) will back Moore because they believe his denials and because this election is very important to the Populist cause. Let the voters of Alabama play Solomon on this issue. I trust them to make the right decision even if McCain, McConnell, Graham, and the WAPO don’t.

    I hate to see any candidate charged with he said/she said allegations drop out of the race without a fight. Think of the consequences of false sexual allegations as a weapon in the hands of the progs .

    If Moore is elected and seated in the Senate, he wouldn’t be the first sinner to join that august body, nor the last. I’m not endorsing Moore, only saying it is an issue that the voters of Alabama must decide. I trust them to decide if Moore is a liar and sexual predator.

  21. AesopFan Says:

    New story going around. Read the comments for debunking viewpoints.

  22. Dave Says:

    This is what I was thinking, moore can’t be this stupid right because he in fact denied he knew the accuser after knowing she has that yearbook with his autograph on it. Even if the yearbook wasn’t forged the writing on it to me wasn’t even damning at all, if you take away the allegations looking at the words alone were innocuous enough that he didn’t worry about signing it.

    Seriously Ann, you tell me that you would believe that a district attorney would put his prestige professional title on basically a love letter to an underage girl that he will attempt to rape a few days later, I have a bridge to sell you

  23. Dave Says:

    His signature has a long circular tail on the letter y of the word Roy that the signature on the YB doesn’t have, perhaps he added that on later but who knows. also the word “To” was written very differently.

  24. Dave Says:

    LOL, the yearbook is as fake as Kim Kardashian’s boobs

  25. Dave Says:

    If roy moore turns out to be completely innocent, will john mccain and Mitch McConnell resign? I believe the lying women lol

  26. Dave Says:

    Are people stupid or what, the only woman who actually was accusing moore of any legally wrong doings has a history of lying about being a victim of sexual assault, you people are all stupid to believe a second that these accusations were real, stupid

  27. Dave Says:

    This man was deputy da at 32 with ambition to climb much higher, and you people believed that he would cruising around town openly court underage girls like a stud in heat, give me a break, one or two maybe, five and alleged more? with a reputation of liking underage girl? and being someone so unpopular in the party no one said nothing?

  28. Dave Says:

    Next time when a real victim of rape go public but no one believe her don’t blame trump supporters, blame democrats and rinos

  29. blert Says:

    The TIMING says this is a political hatchet job — coming from the DC in-crowd — BOTH parties.

  30. Dave Says:

    Why would a 16 year old girl take her yearbook to work and asked an grown azz 32 year old grandpa to sign it? Was he substituting in her school or something?

  31. Dave Says:

    I am kind of obsessed with this case because I hate seeing good people being framed, it brings back memory. Many stories of Allred share one element, the perpetrator press the woman’s head to his you know what area insist to get a BJ. Real sexual predators never make the girl give him bj, no sexual predator would expose his most vulnerable part to her most dangerous weapon, never.

  32. Annie Says:

    Dave – read this:

    You are obsesive over a principal that you do not apply conssistently. This is part why the Republicans are having a civil war. Erickson calls it intellectual dishonesty and those not in the partisan bubble call it hypocricy. Not everything should be blamed on the GOPe or the Democrats or the media. Instead of doubling down maybe people should admit that they made a bad choice. Todd Akin and Richard Moordock and Roy Moore. Instead of grasping at straws and defending that straw to the death maybe people should look for representatives with good character and principles and ability to bringing conservatives together. And for Gods sakes have the same passion for your principal even when the shoe is on the other foot on someone you dont like. If you cannot apply the same passion then maybe it is not a principal but just partisan politics and people outside the partisan bubble who are not just Democrats see through that like cellofane.

  33. Mike K Says:

    The 14 year old girl has become 16. The yearbook thing should be checkable. Were they available at Christmas in 1977 ?

    I see no reason he has to be forced out now. If elected and if these things are proven, the Senate can refuse to seat him just as they refused to seat the murderer Ted Kennedy.

    Oh wait….

  34. Dave Says:

    Roy Moore needs to sue those liars, not the publication and Gloria Allred but the actual liars who was viciously and meticulously colluding with the democrats to try to bring down a decent individual for political purposes. Today it’s Roy Moore, tomorrow it could be me, you, your husband, your father, your son. Why all the empathy for the women but not victims of false accusations? I believe the man, the honourable man with a impeccable 50 year record than these women from no where with a forged yearbook and a history of reporting fake sexual crimes against other men. I don’t care if the optics ain’t good but criminals need to be taught a lesson or they will keep doing it

  35. Dave Says:

    Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney and John Mccain should shut up because they all have a conflict of interest, they are Roy Moore’s in party political enemies.

  36. Annie Says:

    Moore SHOULD sue for defamation. Loyers could probably defend him more convincing than he himself has. Optics is not the issue – character is. Alabama voters have to decide before all the information is here is Moore the type of character to do this and how credible the claims are. They are sounding more with truth and moore acusations coming in. Sueing will shine light on the acusations and on Moore’s character. That is a good thing if Moore dares.

  37. Dave Says:

    it was quite odd and bold for Moore to just downright deny that he knew the accusers, it is a double edged sword, it embolden his credibility but put him in grave danger because all the democrats need to destroy him is have evidence that he knew the girls, very bizarre. He didn’t have to make such a bold statement that he had never met the girls, all he needed to do is deny the actions, maybe he didn’t remember he had met the girls, perhaps he didn’t commit wrongdoings, saying that they have never met but in fact the democrats can prove he did will destroy his credibility.

  38. Dave Says:

    everyone was busy condemn Moore, no one stopped to do the most basic thing, authenticate the yearbook.

  39. arfldgrs Says:

    Moore SHOULD sue for defamation.

    problem with that… he is a public figure
    and there is a lot of leeway for things like that in the law
    its the law that Trump suggested he might try to fix
    and everyone went nuts… cause how can you call someone hitler or a fascist, or so on, and get away with it if the law changes?

    In a defamation case, a court will categorize a plaintiff as either a general public figure, a limited public figure, or a private citizen. To prove defamation, an ordinary person must prove that the defendant made the false statement, at least, negligently. However, if the court concludes that a plaintiff is either a limited or general public figure, the plaintiff must prove “clearly and convincingly” that the alleged defamatory statement was made with ‘actual malice’—that is, with knowledge that it was false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not. A person may be deemed a general public figure where there is evidence of general fame or notoriety in the community, and pervasive involvement in the affairs of society. Politicians generally fall into the category of public figures.

    women are RARELY prosecuted for lying or actions that others would be hit with, often blaming osmeone else is a good way as others control her behavior so she is not responsible

    we forget that there are a lot of people who will false remember things, others who will remember dreams as real, others who will misremember the person, and those are all innocent cant be sued etc

    but how do you PROVE it? they know they cant prove it, so they know no one can prove it the other way. they know no one would dare invoke innocents till proven guilty becasue women are involved and for women and men its guilty till proven innocent…. dont ya know

    the men complained so much and were marginalized as feminist articles speak for all parties and win because they speak for the men, tell you what the men are thinking, etc.. (all very nice pat and convenient)

    oh, then there is the changing minds.. women who were all for it… but then had to be against it because despite their running round with their tits out, slut walks, camel toes for fun, fake nipples underwear outside their clothes… they pretend modesty… or at least secrecy.. the minute the truth comes out that SHE doesn tlike, she blames the men for that part, and the whole thing changes…

    MANY MANY MANY cases are women who were for it till later and thats that.. poor guy even got permission, but it was recinded.. after all, a womans perogative is to change her mind, ex post facto is not in that line is it?

    this was why women were not allowed in the hallowed halls of many places.. the men, who could beat up the women, ahve more self control over that, than the women who could use lies and such do!!!!

    they refused to follow roles, refuse to hold morals, cant be talked to, etc.. READ the article by the producer that wanted to start an all women company and see what happened as they bankrupted her with their BS and she was helpless to stop them given she was a woman too…

    sadly some rewrites take up the idea that it was funny… its not
    Catfights over handbags and tears in the toilets. When this producer launched a women-only TV company she thought she’d kissed goodbye to conflict…

    read the article and find out how women dont know women, and she was put out og business by the behavior that you cant see anymore, and no one can comment on, etc..

    the fun stuff is going to start in a few months

    when FEWER good men will allow themselves to be alone with a woman.

    1) a return to chaperones… having others present.

    2) You bet cameras and recordings are going to be the more common thing – and it will become hard for women to proscute men for sex tape MAKING – having to fall back to how they use it being the key – making will be OK

    easy… the defense for recording a date and the sex will be: Hey, i may need to prove my innocence in 20 years or 30 years… and i need proof that no only did she consent, but was willing, and that at no time in the middle did she change her mind!!

    [yeah, like that poor guy that made one more stroke after she said stop, adn was put away for years for rape in a sex act that started out consensual, but became rape due to momentum… go ahead look it up]

    in fact.. most cases nothing is going to happen to her / which is why, this is going to get a lot worse

    this was the reason a few of us got togehther and started MGTOW

    and we started it around the time that these men allegedly did their thing. This was a big problem in the 80s and such in the case of “women wanting to have it both ways”… (ever hear that before?) Wanted to let their slut hang out,b ut didnt want the world to know bout it. Wanted to party like the boys, but refused to listen to anyone that would influence her against it… heck, they even removed her real world ability to mitigate and replaced it with the idea that in court and out of court the same thing applies and that nut jobs and others should listen and not break the law… (and this says nothing of the indecisive waffles)

    what MGTOW did was make an assesment.. (for decent men, not players, not rapists, not criminals, etc… the rules of mgtow dont apply to them… so they are what proves mgtow right as they are the exceptions to the rule)

    the relationships of post 2nd wave feminism are mostly not worth having they come with WAY too much one way risk

    ☭ – The ladies are all too willing to lie and help each other doing it if a man gets clipped
    ☭ – the ladies use the courts and other social spheres and your defensless (like white feather)
    ☭ – if she cheats and has a kid and you dont test right away, you ahve to pay for someone elses kid and the cuckoo doesnt have to pay a dime
    ☭ – if you marry and divorce, she gets half of everything and more, and often doesnt marry the men she is with, so they can be supported by you
    ☭ – you rarely can have custody and be with your kids, they tend to grow up like mine and dont bother (if the disparity in equal in grades means favoring whites, and in salaries means racism, and so on.. what does it mean if over 94% are awarded to the mother regardless of her work history, criminal history, etc)
    ☭ – your not allowed to defend yourself and her behavior, no matter what it is, is beyond reproach in court
    ☭ – in court, her hearsay is admissable as evidence, as is teling her friend.. as a male you have no such
    men are autmatically guilty, never innocent till proven guilty
    ☭ – if found innocent, your still guilty and punishe by society… (as i am for not murdering the not dead woman)

    the women are making themselves EXTINCT and now the femninists are admitting it!!

    White women should get abortions to end white supremacy

    In an article entitled, Beyond Pro-Choice: The Solution to White Supremacy is White Abortion, writer Nicole Valentine blames “white families” for standing in the way of a “progressive society” by “initiating their parasitism” to exert “full dominion over the enslaved and oppressed people of color.”

    “Whites are embedded from birth with the sense of common white identity, and this identity conditions them to replicate the white family unit, thus furthering the cycle of white supremacy in America. That is why the white family unit must be destroyed,” writes Valentine.

    so you ladies havent been watching and us guys who have
    well the smart ones have done things to mitigate this problelm
    in the 80s, the party line was the same, your just chicken, man up, etc..
    now? us idiots are safe and the ones who lived life are open to what?
    being destryed by a leftist feminist who sees that if she confesses, even if a lie, she can make out like a bandit over the next few years in sympathy… but on that case you really should read what florence nightinggale said… women have no sympathy (ie. they are normally socippathy if you believe florence)

    stay away from western (modernized) women
    thats the mantra so long there is a marraige strike, there is the men tuning out droppig out, the herbivore men, the MGTOW… the race to love doll androids… and on and on.

    all with one common thread… stay the f away from these crazy people.
    and how do you know their crazy? you dont till they reveal it and they wont reveal it till when?

    i tried to be with western woman, but all my relationships were nutty, crazy, etc
    funny… i thought it was me… i really did… then i met a lady from another country
    and we have been married for 12 years now… no crazy.. no nutty.. family good.
    none of the western crapola… nothig. nada.. etc.. and even beter, she didnt come with a load of deseases and a bad attitude from having sex with a lto of men… women… etc.

    moore cant do anything: any more than the men who recieved a white feather could do antyhing but risk death or worse

  40. arfldgrs Says:

    Dave Says: Everyone was busy condemn Moore, no one stopped to do the most basic thing, authenticate the yearbook.

    but that would imply she is lying, so they didnt..

    You think i could bring up my ex faking a murder in the custody case? ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Women LOVE to top from the bottom
    they LOVE passive aggressive action over overt
    and they LOVE lies that earn them things without risk (as do many men, but they are not available to them – except maybe the very cute ones)

    heck… “tell me lies tell me sweet little lies” was a hit song… so was “FIRE”…

    and then there is a whole bunch of things they dont admit but is right there in their books that pretty much only they read… many of them being rape fantasies and being overwhelmed etc.. (And like erin pizzey and the S&M community knows, people with a need will have bad relationships to get it, rather than a good one with that as a facet of play not real)

    A white feather has been a traditional symbol of cowardice, used and recognised especially within the British Army and in countries of the British Empire since the 18th century, especially by patriotic groups, including some early feminists, in order to shame men who were not soldiers.

    SHAMING… its all about SHAMING..

    the men even categorized it..

  41. Stephen J. Says:

    “Instead of grasping at straws and defending that straw to the death maybe people should look for representatives with good character and principles and ability to bringing conservatives together.”

    But what’s the point in trying to do that if all that’s needed to destroy any impression of “good character and principles” in a candidate, and completely split conservatives over whether it’s worth the risk of fighting for him, is an unfalsifiable accusation of long-past sexual misbehaviour?

  42. CBI Says:

    But what’s the point in trying to do that if all that’s needed to destroy any impression of “good character and principles” in a candidate, and completely split conservatives over whether it’s worth the risk of fighting for him, is an unfalsifiable accusation of long-past sexual misbehaviour?

    That is the point, Stephen, that I think many on the “Drop out, Moore” side forget.

    Re the civil war, it seems that it’s going the way Ms. Neo predicted. I suspect that there’s a good bit of trolling to incite the split as well, which too many Rs can’t ignore. But there’s also a bit of stubbornness with many in the party as well.

    I’d have no problem voting for Moore were I an Alabaman; I also think that Sen. McConnnell is not given the credit he deserves. People forget that he does not control the Rs in the senate: he has to deal with nominal Rs as McCain, Murkowski, Flake, & Collins. I’m actually impressed that he’s been able to do as much as he has. Wish it were more, but my wish isn’t being granted. Note, however, that if Moore is not elected, then his task will be even more difficult.

  43. AesopFan Says:

    Annie and I have both referenced posts by Erick Erickson which seem to be inconsistent but really just represent his evolution.

    He has never believed Moore, but at least in his earlier post he had some sympathy for the people not yet ready to jump on the “guilty until proven innocent” wagon.
    Now it looks like he’s thrown all those folks into the deplorables basket.

  44. Ymar Sakar Says:

    When the party is purged, things will calm down again. Only, we’ll have much more effective leadership.

    No, it won’t.

    This optimistic frame of reference parallels the belief that O care would wake people up as the prices increased. That’s what people hope is true, so they believe it. Hope and change. What people fear is true, they also believe. Fear rules as passion rules reason.

    What makes people think McConnell actually makes any of these decisions.

    As for civil wars: now we have the Catholic civil war and the Republican civil war, what is next, the US Civil War that people didn’t want to believe in a few years ago.

  45. Ymar Sakar Says:

    It’s only gotten worse over time, and the only group that I see reaping the benefits is the left.

    Surely you’ve seen the Alt Right reaping the benefits as well. This way they don’t have to create a third party.

  46. Ymar Sakar Says:

    I suspect that there’s a good bit of trolling to incite the split as well, which too many Rs can’t ignore.

    Low Energy Bush was behind the Fusion GPS intel profile, as conservatives and alt right propaganda claimed.

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