November 25th, 2017

And it’s not too early to do some holiday shopping on Amazon through the neo-neocon portal


Christmas, Chanukah, and whatever other holiday might suit your diverse fancies are all coming up sooner than you think. So I’m encouraging you to feel their hot panting breaths on your necks. If you care to solve your gift-giving dilemmas by turning to that online colossus, Amazon, please use those widgets on my right sidebar to click through for all your Amazon purchases (now and at any other time of year). When you do that, you’ll also be giving a small but still not insignificant gift to neo-neocon (it adds up, folks), and without spending any extra money yourself.

I thank you all in advance, and I thank all of you who’ve already done your shopping through my blog. I’ll be bumping this up and/or re-posting it every now and then until Christmas.

If you’re not an Amazon fancier, you could donate through Paypal, of course. Hey, you could even do that if you are an Amazon user. I appreciate every single penny.

In case you have ad blocker or something of that sort, and the Amazon widgets don’t show up on your computer, go here. You can also click on any Amazon book link within a post and anything you order during that click-through gets credited to me. I believe it’s true even for things you put in your cart but don’t order till a bit later, although there’s a time limit on how long they can be there and still get credited when ordered (I’m not sure what that limit is, though, so best to order sooner rather than later).

5 Responses to “And it’s not too early to do some holiday shopping on Amazon through the neo-neocon portal”

  1. Chris Says:

    Just ordered a computer and printer through your portal. Happy Thanksgiving Neo, and thanks for what you do!

  2. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Except Jesus was not born on the 25th nor in 0 AD.

    Just an FYI.

  3. parker Says:

    Just made a monthly donation via paypal. Keep on keeping on, neo. I and a host of others value your efforts. How about a jello post to get us all ready for the winter solstice?

  4. parker Says:


    Who cares when Jesus of Nazareth was born? He was a real person. His providence as the son of ‘God’ is a question open to debate. As an agnostic I do not engage in that debate. I don’t known and if you think you know…….. well long may you run.

  5. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Obviously the christians care, since they celebrate his birthday every year on 25th of December.

    There was something in that bible about Jesus is the Truth and the Way, that the Truth will set you free.

    Obviously, that must have meant “only the truth society accepts will set you free”.

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