November 26th, 2017

Spambot of the day

Bot says, “Do you have a spam problem?”

Nice of you to ask.

Actually, spam comments wax and wane in mysterious fashion. For a couple of years there I was getting about 10,000 a day. Yes, you read that right: ten thousand a day, almost all of them captured by my trusty (but sometimes overzealous) spam filter.

Then one day, apropos of nothing, the number of spam comments went down to about 300 a day. That lasted for another year or two, and now it’s creeping up past 1,000 again.

I don’t know what accounts for the ebb and flow, but my guess is that WordPress figures out some algorithm to block them more successfully for a while, and then the spammers figure out a way around that, and then the cycle repeats itself. As long as the filter keeps working effectively, it really doesn’t matter to me—or to my readers—if three hundred comments a day are blocked or ten thousand a day. But if anything even remotely resembling that number ever got through—well, perish the thought.

My blog keeps count of the number of spam comments blocked since I went to WordPress about ten years ago, and at the moment it’s 14,185,862.

7 Responses to “Spambot of the day”

  1. groundhog Says:

    If you had a dollar…

    You know the rest.

  2. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Flat Earth Model, just like I said it would be.

    Will people talk about it now that the BBC and the news are?

    Talk about programmed.

  3. Ymar Sakar Says:

    An experiment to see the Chicago skyline from 40+ miles away.

  4. Tonawanda Says:

    Carly wants us to despise Trump:

    For so many it is so clear.

    Don’t all of us realize how VITAL it is to make defense of George W. Bush central to our approach to making our country better?

    Necessarily to super-ordinate the marvelous intellect of Fiorina? (And don’t forget her vital chromosome arrangement!)

    Why is there not an “activist” cadre efficaciously arranged by Fiorina?

    Surely it must be the misogyny of dull Trump advocates who do not understand how to talk and act like good people!

  5. Tonawanda Says:

    Exquisite intellects understand that Trump is (in effect) a Flat Earth type who must be disdained.

    George W. Bush (on the other hand) is a man whose presidency is VITAL to defend.

    There is NO possible way that Trump is actually a great man who is fulfilling the fluff and impossibilities egotistically promised by empty vessels like Fiorina!

  6. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Tona is acting like a NLP triggered SJW.

    Maybe you need to take more Red Pills, because the previous one obviously was not strong enough.

  7. Ymar Sakar Says:

    There is no possible way Trum will go back on his word that HRC would be in jail once he was President. That obviously means he isn’t President yet, Bush 2 is still President…

    Humans, the Deep State doesn’t even need to lift a finger to make you kill each other off. That’s how bad the sheep are now.

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