December 19th, 2017

The MSM: Obama? Iran? Cocaine? Hezbollah?

Never heard of em.

Crickets chirping.

The MSM shapes the news in two ways. It shapes it by what it decides to cover. For example, any rumor about Trump raging about someone or something, reported by anonymous sources, is good for headlines. But a lengthy article with named sources in a respected media outlet is deep-sixed if it reflects poorly on Obama. If they are forced to cover it because the clamor of a story becomes too loud to safely ignore, they turn themselves into pretzels trying to debunk it and/or minimize it.

We’ve seen this before, over and over and over. Don’t think it doesn’t work as a propaganda technique, either. It does.

Other papers have covered this story about Obama, but they are sources on the right such as the New York Post (the Post has covered it pretty heavily, actually, here, here, and here).

Outlets on the left know their readers rarely read people on the right (Faux News and all that), and so they know that they often can protect their readers from dangerous news (“dangerous” in the sense of being harmful to the cause of the left) by simply ignoring it.

That’s why it was somewhat puzzling that Politico broke the Obama/Hezbollah story in the first place. Politico is a bit hard to characterize, because it sometimes does publish something that would seem to be more simpatico with the right although its basic orientation seems to be towards the left.

Let’s see whether the regular MSM (such as the Times et al) ever decides that this story is news. I wouldn’t sit on a hot stove till it happens. If it was Trump (or anyone else on the right) who had done what Obama is alleged to have done vis a vis Hezbollah, you can be sure the MSM would be on it immediately, loudly, prominently, and repetitively.

16 Responses to “The MSM: Obama? Iran? Cocaine? Hezbollah?”

  1. Banned Lizard Says:

    Consciousness is the basis and the foundation of reality. As a major part of the public’s eyes and ears, the MSM sits astride the consciousness gateway. To act in such a blatantly hostile way toward the truth inflicts deep wounds throughout our world.

    Neoneocon and others commenting on this atrocity allow consciousness to rise and to an extent heal those wounds. Ultimately, it is up to elements of the MSM to reflect upon themselves and their actions in order to correct them.

  2. kevino Says:

    Not possible. I’m told from RELIABLE sources that the Obama administration was scandal free.

    This is one of the great failures of our Republic. We simply don’t have a free press looking over the shoulders of our elected officials. They only do that job when it benefits the corporations that pay their salaries or when it benefits their political views.

    “Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving.”
    — David Burge (“Iowahawk”)

  3. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    “Consciousness is the basis and the foundation of reality.” Banned Lizard

    Not to quibble but consciousness, both of the individual and societally is the basis for our perception of reality.

    The earth existed before the appearance of life. Dinosaurs roamed the earth for tens of millions of years and then went extinct before the appearance of mankind.

    If a tree falls in the forest, it makes a sound whether there’s anyone there to hear it or not. This is known as objective reality and exists whatever our opinion or perception of reality may be.

    The MSM will never reflect upon themselves and their actions in order to correct them. They’re ideologues, the fanatic’s cousin and, “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.” Sir Winston Churchill

  4. quiet conservative Says:

    Thank you for bringing attention to this story, Neo. I was also a bit surprised that Politico put this out, but very happy they did. I am greatly saddened to have to admit that that the charade played by the MSM, very accurately described by yourself, may very well work here. It’s very difficult not to be angry about this sort of willful dishonesty. All we can do is write, write, write, and hope people notice.

  5. parker Says:

    If a tree fell on a MSM reporter in the forest, why should I care if anyone heard the scream?

    Politico went with this because it goes far beyond the messiah. Bho is the tip of the iceberg.

  6. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Americans have to desperately deny that they, and thus the nation, are responsible for evil by using Hussein as the escape goat, a theme seen in Hebrew traditions with Azarael and in Japanese traditions.

    Put all the sins and guilt on a goat, chase it over a ridge and watch it fall down and die. It won’t ever come back to the village and contaminate it with sin then. Somebody else’s problem now.

    What happens to all the Hussein supporters, loyalists, and fellow evil travelers, are they pardoned by the escape goat’s sacrifice? Apparently, since some of them are now Trum backers. All previous transgressions are forgiven.

    Not from me though.

    If it was Trump (or anyone else on the right) who had done what Obama is alleged to have done vis a vis Hezbollah, you can be sure the MSM would be on it immediately, loudly, prominently, and repetitively.

    People used that logic on the lead up to the 2015 primaries and later on before the 2016 elections, but it doesn’t work.

    There is no such thing as right vs left, even though there are factions such as the Leftist alliance and the Establishment, and FBI bureaucrats and the Deep State that gives them orders. This is the false dichotomy of Red Vs Blue.

    The MSewerM, when given an order, obeys it. It doesn’t matter what their target is. It just so happens that historically most of their targets have been people like Nixon.

    Below is a minor comparison of Nixon vs Trum, which is a better case analysis than Trum vs Hussein.

    The FBI bureaucrats (not the Deep State or even the Leftist alliance) decided Nixon needed to go away into retirement. So when Nixon told the FBI he wanted the Democrats investigated for illegal and foreign donation problems, the FBI got right on it. Using the same tactics they did to get Ayers and his wife free, an illegal breakin, directly ordered by the bureaucrats in charge of the FBI.

    Nixon and Trum fell for the same thing. They both knew they had enemies, yet didn’t know enough to fire them. So they told the FBI to do something, and the FBI said “oh yea, watch this, you think you were actually elected or something”.

    Americans fell for the Nixon watergate con the FBI used. So they’ll fall for the Trum gate the FBI used too. If it wasn’t for the Alt Right and internet, Republicans would have easily bought most of it by now. They still resist. That’s nice, Nixon resisted too and thought he had turned off his White House recording system when he was talking about how to cover up the actions of the FBI that supposedly was working for him. What he didn’t know was that the entirety of DC had COINTELPRO on him and had him wiretapped, that’s why Nixon got caught on “tape” and Americans bought it.

    These operations are conducted and ordered because it works. It is propaganda but also more than that: a Byzantine plot or conspiracy in DC.

    The MSM shapes the news in two ways.

    In the context I’ve described, the MSewerM does not “shape”. They are given orders and they follow it due to obeying their Hierarchy and Authority. Thus the leaders are the ones that shape the news, not the cannonfodder privates in the army.

  7. John Guilfoyle Says:

    Well…after reading that Politico story…one could “credibly” use the word: bombshell.

    The MSM will ignore it unless there are some unavoidably proven allegations recorded in Congressional testimony or a courtroom. The Ds will deny, deflect & “wag the dog” some other way.

    And 0 will have his tracks covered by someone else. He will never face punishment for his crimes while in office. His moral crimes I’ll leave to a larger courtroom.

  8. Paul in Boston Says:

    Oh, they will cover it in a very cursory way six months from now to cover their behinds, and then dismiss it as old news. After all, they have to protect their integrity.

  9. John Guilfoyle Says:

    PiB…I just laughed out loud…that “integrity” bit. Now that was funny. Thanks!

    But as in all things Obama…once you assume a priori that his goal was to subvert the USA…anything becomes believable.

  10. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    “I’m told from RELIABLE sources that the Obama administration was scandal free.

    This is one of the great failures of our Republic. We simply don’t have a free press looking over the shoulders of our elected officials.” kevino

    The reason we don’t have a free objective press is because of the seditious actions of the Left. The press has swallowed the Left’s kool-aid and firmly believe in the Left’s narrative. They are the “useful idiots” of whom Stalin spoke.

    They embraced the Left’s narrative because they abandoned belief in a beneficent creator…. As, if there is no loving God in an afterlife, then all that remains is the Left’s hedonism, nihilism and utopianism.

  11. AesopFan Says:

    The Legal Insurrection post that Neo linked, links in turn to another Politico story last month indicating that President Trump has reversed Obama’s policy on Hezbollah (and Iran).

    Someone at Politico must actually have some patriotic blood still running.
    Or else Obama’s blatant lying and egregious enabling of Iran’s terror network finally triggered a tipping point.

  12. Banned Lizard Says:

    The earth existed before the appearance of life (etc)…

    Geoffrey Britain

    That conventional Newtonian perspective unnecessarily limits the field that consciousness operates in. Per Patanjali, the seen is only for the sake of the seer. The experience of transcending (during meditation or by other means) allows access to what has been called a silent mind within the mind. This silent but experientially verifiable entity is separate from not only the physical body, but from spacetime. It not only existed before this world, but continues to exist both in spacetime and apart from it. Those statements may be a challenge to empirically verify, but so are other aspects of our world. String theory is inferred. There may be other universes outside our own. Prominent physicists are evenly divided as to whether the math (inferred from the expansion rate of this universe) points to the existence of other universes or not.

    Speaking of physics, there is little other than entropy that supports the conventional concept of time. You can measure it by reference to physical objects, but otherwise it does not appear to exist …except for the sake of consciousness, which brings us back to Patanjali. On a practical level, the purpose of the spacetime stage our lives play out on is for the purpose of consciousness expansion. The lessons learned here serve only that purpose. Possibly the most compelling lesson we are receiving now is via the horrific damage being inflicted on that learning mission by our corrupt MSM. Fortunately we have neoneocon and other truth-speakers to lift our awareness above the MSM cesspool.

  13. physicsguy Says:

    Banned Lizard: I had a very similar reaction to GB’s statement as the notion of the Copenhagen Interpretation immediately came to mind up along with the experiments of Alain Aspect and others since then. However, in GB’s defense, I believe his use of the tree metaphor was to be taken in the political sense not the metaphysical.

  14. Doug Purdie Says:

    I’m not sure Politico broke this story. They certainly covered it in way more depth than I have seen, but I’ve read about Obama’s administration shutting down terrorism investigations for 3 to 4 months now.
    Those were “what aboutism” stories in response to obstruction of justice charges against Trump for firing Comey and possibly firing Mueller.
    I don’t recall the publishers, but a lot was said about the Iranian Republican Guard and money laundering and terrorism financing in the USA. I don’t recall Hezbollah being mentioned, nor cocaine trafficking, but the general theme was about not pissing off Iran during the negotiations for the nuclear deal.

  15. Doug Purdie Says:

    In support of my previous comment, I offer this excerpt from Richard Fernandez at PJ Media:

    “Many of the particulars in the Politico article had been in open-source circulation for months, though largely unnoticed by the press. In fact one of Politico’s sources, David Asher, had already laid out the same facts in testimony before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs in June 2017.”

  16. AesopFan Says:

    Doug Purdie Says:
    December 20th, 2017 at 11:28 am
    I’m not sure Politico broke this story. They certainly covered it in way more depth than I have seen, but I’ve read about Obama’s administration shutting down terrorism investigations for 3 to 4 months now.
    * *
    Fernandez is correct and I have seen bits and pieces of the story as it developed. However, one could credibly argue that Politico (given its usual Leftist slant) “broke the story” into the wider blogosphere, and in a very detailed and comprehensive manner.
    The MSM pundits can’t ignore Politico the way they do, oh, say, Richard Fernandez.

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