December 28th, 2017

The left and feminists…

…aren’t known for their rollicking sense of humor.

Case in point.

Sense of humor is a funny thing. It seems superficial, but it tells you something about a person that’s not superficial. It may even be that one of the reasons Trump got elected instead of Hillary is that he has a fairly decent sense of humor and she doesn’t.

14 Responses to “The left and feminists…”

  1. OldTexan Says:

    And, Here’s to You Hillary Clinton – Please keep helping folks on the left who are running for office in 2018. Your expertise will be appreciated by those on the right.

    Ran into a relative visiting in Texas who is part of the high up government, in crowd, in D.C. and lives in Georgetown over the holiday. She has nothing but derision for those of us who have anything positive at all to say about Trump therefore all of our conversations are not political and only cover topics she want to talk about just because. These people need to lighten up.

    No sense of humor at all when their world falls apart and no recognition for the evils the Democratic party has done to us since 2009. It’s kind of like a funny religion with crystals, new age therapies, and voodoo dolls in the shape of Trump.

  2. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    There’s an element of dogmatic fanaticism to these people. Many are clearly mentally unbalanced. Rhetorical question: has there ever been a fanatic with a sense of humor?

  3. Sam L. Says:

    Are you saying she has an indecent sense of humor?
    Or just NO sense of humor?

  4. Geoffrey Britain Says:

    If someone is incapable of laughing at themselves, then at the least their sense of humor is atrophied. ‘Humor’ that can only laugh at others is an external facade that attempts to conceal an attitude of contemptuous ridicule for others.

  5. steve walsh Says:

    If you can’t make fun of yourself or, at least, tolerate others poking fun at you, then you have lost, if you ever had it, the ability to assess your own strengths and weaknesses. I think that this is so much of why Hillary lost to a neophyte, inexperienced, unqualified candidate for POTUS. If she can’t like and laugh at herself, why would any of us do so?

  6. Stephen Ippolito Says:

    Such an important topic.

    I’m with GB and SW, 100%, in relation to what each of you has said about the importance of a sense of humour.

    (And by sense of humour I exclude entirely those who can laugh only at others. That is not a sense of humour. It is cruelty and disdain: pure and simple. Very good point, GB).

    Its presence – or absence – is indicative of so much about a person, no?. But most of all – it bespeaks balance and perspective and the ability to see things in all their bearings.

    No-one blessed with a sense of humour can ever take themselves too seriously and in that way lies sanity. It is, of and by itself, it seems to me, a shield against fanaticism and excess.

    No-one may be my friend who lacks a sense of humour. It’s presence will excuse any number of flaws. Lacking it, no number of attributes may ever compensate.

    Like all other gifts and blessings it can’t be acquired by an act of will. It just has to be inborn. A pity, that.

    I am also 100% with Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree who in a wonderful essay on Hamlet once observed that “Sanity is humour”. It is Hamlet’s saving grace and ours as well.

  7. charles Says:

    I think Hillary has a great sense of humor.

    She set up her assistant Huma Abedin with Anthony Weiner, right? Telling Huma: “you want a man just like my Bill.”

    I thought that was kinda funny.

    Of course, Hillary might have NOT meant just like my “pervert” husband Bill.

  8. Kae Arby Says:

    How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?



  9. FOAF Says:

    KRB – an old joke but still a good one.

  10. FOAF Says:

    I wondered if the reaction to the VF article was not quite all spontaneous and then sure enough it was in the link itself, a “former Clinton advisor” calling on people to cancel VF. What a relief these people are not running the country.

  11. Barry Meislin Says:

    Obama had a terrific sense of humor:

    Appointing Ben Rhodes to the Washington Holocaust Museum council demonstrated his mastery of the comic form!!

    (Yes, one of the architects of the master plan to assist Iran and its allies to obliterate the State of Israel is now going to “help out” at the Holocaust Museum. Perhaps he’ll help to arrange touring Holocaust cartoon exhibitions?…)

    Incredibly funny! Amazingly funny!!

    In fact, almost as funny as hanging out in Hawaii when Kerry was shafting Israel at the UN just days before the end of his benighted administration. (Who me? I’m in Hawaii!!)

    Which is almost as funny as having the same Ben Rhodes, while explaining how extraordinarily close he is to his boss—and entirely on the same wave length—boasts of having manipulated the know-nothing media to supporting the “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” (so called—you just gotta love those names! Affordable Care Act!! So deliciously Orwellian…)!!

    Which is almost as funny as ObamaCare architect’s Jonathan Gruber’s declaration of how stupid American voters are and how easy it was to pull something over them (something like ACA, in fact)…and then having Obama remark in deadpan—when asked—that Gruber is essentially a nobody!! That he doesn’t really know him…!!

    Which is almost as funny as not knowing anything about Jeremiah Wright’s political inclinations after being a member of the latter’s church for about 20 years!!

    Which is almost as funny as siccing the IRS on right-of-center political associations!! (Followed by Lois Lerner taking the fifth!!)

    Which is almost as funny as having his first attorney general resign because he was about to be impeached and his second attorney general—also—taking the fifth!!

    Which is almost as funny as claiming that his administration was basically scandal free…!!

    Yes, a real joker that one!! One serious stand-up (or something) artist….

  12. Barry Meislin Says:

    Sorry. Should be, “Obama HAS a sense of humor.”

    (He’s still performing…..)

  13. Bilwick Says:

    “We live in a post-joke society.”–SJW snowflake on FAMILY GUY.

  14. Alan Potkin Says:

    Adolph Hitler actually had a fabulously well-developed sense of humor. For proof, see…

    Although you might first have to Google “Lindsay Shepherd Wilfrid Laurier” to understand the backstory. Barrel of laffs!

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