January 20th, 2018

Long-winded me

My post on Jordan Peterson’s interview with Cathy Newman was much longer—so much longer—that now that I’ve disgorged it I’m going out to enjoy what’s left of the daylight.

I might post a dance post tonight, because they’re fun.

Over and out, for now.

UPDATE 1/21 3:52 PM:

Well, I guess I never got that dance post up there, did I? Tomorrow is another day.

Isn’t there some sort of big football game today? Patriots? Tom Brady and his cut hand? I may watch a bit of it later, if it’s close. I can’t say I deeply care, though.

13 Responses to “Long-winded me”

  1. Tanager Says:

    Jags ahead at the half, but I suspect we’re being set up for a major disappointment.

  2. Tanager Says:

    Just a big tease by Jags.

  3. Tuvea Says:

    I caught the last few minutes of the first half.

    Those still watching the NFL complain that the ‘referees’ seem to call an unusual number of penalties on any team that has exhibits obnoxious behavior like daring to be ahead of the ‘beloved’ Patriots.

    Gosh. The last few minutes of the first half had 4 penalties called against the Jaguars. Not a single one against New England. What a strange coincidence.

  4. MollyNH Says:

    Oh, it was close neo then TB & company work their magic.
    Bellichick always seems to be able to psych out the opposition, just enough. Jags played a good game hard to believe no TD s from them all second half .

  5. MollyNH Says:

    @tuvea, but the jags were not hanging on the pats receivers nor did they do a helmet hit on gronk, no that didn’t happen.

  6. Exeter mom Says:

    For all the remaining football fans: Can anyone tell me if the teams took a knee? Curious.

  7. kevino Says:

    Interesting Super Bowl: the two best teams will play for all the marbles.

    Pats advantages:
    (1) Tom (“Greatest Of All Time”) Brady v. second string QB.
    (2) Bellichick’s defense will stop the run pretty well and will confuse the Eagles.
    (3) Good team play: not a lot of mistakes.

    Eagles advantages:
    (1) They will be the underdogs, so they will play with a chip on their shoulders. Big motivational edge.
    (2) Tough and fast.
    (3) No Edelman. If Gronk doesn’t play, the Pats have big problems.

    IMHO, if Gronk doesn’t play, the Eagles win. If he does, the Pats win.

  8. obinna Says:

    Do you dance or you just enjoy watching someone dance. me not a good dancer but love any movie or clip that has a good dance

  9. steve walsh Says:

    Exeter Mom: on the broadcast of the AFC game they showed the playing of the National Anthem (which is unusual in my experience) and I did not see a single player or coach kneeling. In fact, most of those shown were respectfully standing still, some where singing along. And the crowd was singing too.

  10. Philip Says:

    I’ve lately found myself sucked into watching pro snooker videos in abundance. Not something I thought I’d get any pleasure from, but I find them rather fascinating. Between those and the European soccer highlight reels, I’m happy enough.

  11. neo-neocon Says:


    I was a ballet dancer (student) for most of my life from age 4 to my late 30s, and also an on and off ballet teacher in my 20s and early 30s. I grew up in NY with parents who were ballet fans and so I saw an enormous number of performances during what was a golden age of dance. I saw pretty much every big company and dancer of the late 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, many of them many times. I’ve also been a theater and dance critic for a newspaper.

  12. Harry the Extremist Says:

    I read your Peterson analysis Neo and agree with it. That guy seems more impressive with each take. Newman does the usual bit that liberals generally engage in which is to make her opponent and his/her viewpoint look radical, extreme and and a cruel uncompassionate hateful bigot. Im sure its not a tactic. The reason Newman gets caught not listening to what Peterson had said is, Im sure, because Newman’s ingrained preconceptions has her already imagining what she wants to expect him to say.

  13. Tom G Says:

    Good thing you were so fast on Peterson — the Atlantic had a note on his performance, too. Emphasizing the refusal to listen to him.

    Great note on Medium: https://medium.com/@zslayback/why-do-intellectuals-oppose-dr-jordan-b-peterson-f8b4e6dbe04c

    Also great interview J. Peterson analyzes Cathy Newman

    The Will Wilkerson Facebook/twitter note from the Medium article showed up on my Facebook.

    I think many other intellectuals are jealous.

    I haven’t yet read others note a significant issue — Peterson’s performance. He has a great delivery.
    He often seems like a great actor reading a good script, which occasionally has brilliant gems of insight.

    I suspect, Neo, that your appreciation for dance practice & stage plays make you, more then many, appreciate his performances.

    He’s done a lot, a lot of work on honing his craft of presenting his ideas effectively.

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