January 29th, 2018

McCabe is leaving the FBI

Competing narratives as to why.

Lots of “competing narratives” around these days.

[NOTE: Also, how about this narrative?]

27 Responses to “McCabe is leaving the FBI”

  1. arfldgrs Says:

    each provide the meal someone WANTS to hear so they can argue and say a ha..

    “Politics and the English Language” and “The Prevention of Literature” G Orville

    Then again, nevermind…
    the truth and the actuality are seldome entertaining, nad can scare you, so i do understand why not read the key stuff left out and or methodologies…

    if you were being tossed about and such like a cork on the ocean, would you really want to find out your in a toilet bowl and this is your swirly end? or would you rather get tossed about and try to have fun in the local area, blithly unaware of what happens next?

  2. arfldgrs Says:

    Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein approved an application last year to extend surveillance of former Trump campaign associate Carter Page, a secret Republican memo claims, according to law enforcement sources and news reports. Rosenstein has been fighting the release of the memo from inside the Justice Department, sources confirm. According to three people familiar with the memo, the FBI and Justice Department’s (DOJ) application was based partially on research by investigator Christopher Steele, who contributed to a dossier containing unverified claims about President Trump‘s ties to Russia

  3. Ymar Sakar Says:

    One faction of the Deep State, getting rid of various pawns and puppets in the FBI.

  4. OldTexan Says:

    I am so sorry but this stuff goes so fare beyond interesting into Benedict Arnold stuff. This is our USofA government fighting inside of itself, the employed trying to control those who were voted into office and it is really scary stuff.

    I think the game plan when the chosen lost was to hobble Trump in such an manner that he would mosey off, pleasing about half of the Republican establishment and then they would have Pence to try to manipulate in a lame duck situation.

    Not only did that not work out this Trump guys is actually doing stuff his rank and file appreciate and he is winning, every freaking round. This is an interesting time and and special day or two.

    Stay tuned and see how this round turns out.

  5. steve walsh Says:

    Where would we be without competing narratives? In a calmer, happier place I venture.

  6. huxley Says:

    When I saw the post title I figured neo would link Richard Thompson’s classic: “Did She Jump or Was She Pushed?”


  7. neo-neocon Says:


    I actually was thinking of that song.

  8. huxley Says:

    Good song!

  9. Ed Bonderenka Says:

    I interviewed a congressman last week (Tim Walberg) and asked if he had seen the memo. He said yes, that it was shocking.
    He said he thought heads would roll.
    I asked if we should expect resignations in light of this.
    He said that he would think some of the people referenced should look for non-extradition countries to reside in.

  10. AesopFan Says:

    Spinning like a top at CBS:
    “A source familiar with what happened this morning says McCabe made the announcement during a senior staff meeting. The source says McCabe will remain on the FBI payroll until his 50th birthday in March — his retirement date is March 18 — but until then he will be “relieved of his duties.” Because of his years of service in March he will have 20 years on the job and he’ll be 50 years old which makes him eligible to retire with a pension. Employees who have accrued leave, once they’re in range of 20 years of service and 50 years of age, they can leave early, and that is what McCabe has chosen to do”

    Lots of people do this in many businesses, not just the government, but Trump pushed him out!!!

    (it’s a shame we have to pay him a pension while he still has a good 15 years working life left, but that’s also par for the course).

  11. steve walsh Says:

    Do you really want to avail yourself of his remaining 15 years of work? I do not. Which businesses in the private sector offer pensions these days?

  12. Cornhead Says:

    McCabe ordered Point Shaver Strzok to sandbag the investigation of Hillary. McCabe’s wife got $600k-700k to run for a VA legislative seat. Did the Clintons payoff Andy and Peter? A bribe?

  13. s1c Says:

    1 down only 60,000 more to go!

    Actually, depending on his Union contract it is better if he uses up any time he has since that adds to his salary consideration. For instance here in CT the max Vacation time you can have is 480 or 400 hours built up (depending on which bargaining unit you belong to and their contract). That 480 or 400 represents 12 weeks of salary that is added to your calculation, which means you get about an 8% jump in your retirement calculation for your average salary.

  14. Yancey Ward Says:

    McCabe could see the writing on the wall- he was eventually going to be forced out when he took the 5th before Congress investigating this stuff, so he left ASAP.

  15. Barry Meislin Says:

    See also, Victor Davis Hanson’s excellent summation:

    Though, as I see it, the big problem with all of this is that, by definition, the Democrats cannot do anything that might be labeled a “scandal”. (Obama told us as much towards the end of his presidency.)

    And since the Democrats don’t do anything that is “scandalous” (by definition), there is no reason for anybody who follows the MSM to learn—or have a clue about—what has been going on….

    In fact, the opposite: the Pravda-like MSM will double down and turn things around and ignore and obfuscate and lie to make it all look like a Republican scandal (since, by definition, only Republicans—and especially Trump—do things that are “scandalous”).

    AKA “doing what they do best!”

    And so, we will see just how robust the narrative will continue to be….


  16. Ymar Sakar Says:

    This is our USofA government fighting inside of itself, the employed trying to control those who were voted into office and it is really scary stuff.

    Some people saw this ahead of time. We’ve had more than a decade to get used to the “scary stuff” to the point that it isn’t scary any more. There are more scary things out there than that, such as the elohim, the titans, the giants, etc.

    Demoncrats, rule by and for demons, pretend election rules matter. Meanwhile Republicans pretend election results matter in the dead Republic.

    The reason why Americans did not understand what “Civil War 2 is inevitable” meant is for the same reason that they believed the Leftist indoctrination on Civil War 1, the first one, in the USA. It did not start with the shooting or election of Lincoln, it started 30+ years before then.

    Missouri extermination campaign of the Mormons, President Buchanan’s war against Utah in 1857, john brown.

  17. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Missouri got rid of the Latter Day Saints for one primary reason, the LDS were a vote block that was pro abolitionist and pro mullato even due to membership demographics.

    Missouri sent ethnic cleansers and slave raiders up into Kansas to destroy the free settlements, to make Kansas into the slave state (get rid of your Leftist public educated Bullsh about civil war state rights). It was only ever about power=owning slaves. Owning slaves created more votes for Demoncrats. Same thing with immigration and invasion now. Due to Missouri’s actions, John Brown was created. This wasn’t blacks killing white slave owners, this was white slave boys, some of which didn’t even own slaves, killing and raping white anti slave settlements.

    Then there was the Utah War of 1857, which pulled an entire division and its logistics off of the Eastern seaboard, to go fight the Mormons in Utah. President Buchanan, thus, set up the conditions for Lee’s advance into the North. They had this planned, although Buchanan was closer to a useful tool than a strategic master. He thought the Mormons were actually rebelling. Just like Demoncrat Scottish and Irish thought the North was invading to take them over.

    If the Mormons fell in Utah in 1857, the South could easily secede then and there, using that as a pretext for “State Rights”, as the propaganda until now has been. If the Mormons put up a fight and hurt or annihilated that division of US troops, led by a pro slave future Confed military general and colonel, then the South would still secede and also use the Mormons as a decoy, prop, or useful idiot.

    Southerners were killing, lynching, and putting bounties on abolitionists as early as 1830. Civil War? Get your head on straight, USA, civil war didn’t start in 1860, that was just how the end started.

  18. Mike in Ga Says:

    IMO, this is the best summary of where we are.
    The day-to-day resignations and accusations are mere noise to the larger battle being fought 24/7.



  19. Lurch Says:

    s1c: No wonder CT is swirling the drain…

  20. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Knish/Greenfield is a bit late on this one, but better late than never. He does have to dumb down his communications so his audience can get it, however, so I can understand his caution.

  21. Gary D. G. Says:

    as the FBI Old Guard runs for cover, I worry about the young replacements, almost all of whom have been steeped (educated?) in the Socialist-Progressive factories (Oops! Ivy League colleges)

  22. OldTexan Says:

    The good old FBI, in his book ‘No Heroes’ Danny Coulson, who retired from the FBI in 19978, was a field agent who helped develop the hostage rescue team. Danny who was sidelined by Janet Reno and her FBI buddies made it clear that there were two totally different types of people in the FBI, the field agents who actually did the work and the office wieners who never made any sort of move or decision without weighing the consequence of the decision on their careers.

    With the clothing style at the the time he said the assholes who wore suspenders were the worst, justice and fairness had nothing to do with their decision making, only pleasing those in power who could help them move up the executive ladder mattered.

  23. Richard Aubrey Says:

    Feebs who joined shortly after the Waco massacre should be asked some pointed questions.

  24. Douglas Weber Says:

    Maybe we should institute Cage Matches to resolve competing Narratives.

    Where is Bill Buckley when we need him.

  25. Steve57 Says:

    Where is Bill Buckley when we need him.

    Dead. And if we needed Bill isn’t it right now? Did he leave us with nothing?

  26. AesopFan Says:

    The SOTU is sucking all the oxygen out of the atmosphere, but there were several “newish” stories out on the Russia Thing, all of them casting even more doubt on the probity of the FBI and other Obamatrons.
    I won’t put all the links because the spam-monitor will become unhappy, but Dyer has three stories up,of which this may be the most complex and least likely to make the other news forums; the others are on the McCabe & Priebus meeting (which I’ve seen elsewhere) and on the DNC hacks, with some intriguing ideas.


    PowerLine has one from today on the Weiner emails and why they weren’t examined more quickly.

    The Guardian reveals a second dossier, which they claim is “independent” of Steele’s, despite being compiled by a thoroughly unpartisan veteran Clinton apparatchik.


  27. Gary D. G. Says:

    Hey, McCabe!
    Yeah! Once you were great; a real asset.
    But, be careful! Don’t let the door hit you…

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