February 10th, 2018

Update on my foot and mouth

That is, my ankle and teeth—

Both are progressing, as far as I can tell. I can put a bit more weight on the ankle, although it will definitely take time before I’m not limping. The teeth are actually amazing, because I’ve had virtually no pain. Of course, I’m not supposed to eat anything hard, particularly on that side. But it’s surprising to me that I could have a pretty invasive procedure and three stitches and really not feel much of anything afterward.

They gave me a prescription for Vicodin, too. I can’t imagine taking anything for the amount of pain I feel, which is none, so Vicodin for this is really shocking. I’m sure, though, that it’s a “just in case” thing, because the amount of pain after the procedure is probably highly variable. But if I was the type of person who wanted to make some illicit money on the side, I could easily fill that prescription and abuse it.

I’m not that sort of person, and I hate taking drugs if I don’t have to. I’m counting the days till I can stop taking this incredibly strong antibiotic, too.

17 Responses to “Update on my foot and mouth”

  1. Mike K Says:

    Watch out for Clindamycin. You can get a bad colitis. Diarrhea=stop!

  2. neo-neocon Says:

    Mike K:


    I already know about that. I’m taking probiotics in hope of having that help. Actually, it’s a risk with any antibiotic, but Clindamycin seems to be a bit worse than most.

  3. steve walsh Says:

    I once had a dental procedure, root canal, from which I had a lot of pain for a few days. They prescribed Oxycodone for the pain. I took a couple of doses after the novocaine wore off because the pain was quite intense. It didn’t work for me. I was a bit knocked out (overly sensitive to the recommended dose I guess) but the pain was still pretty intense. I didn’t like how the Oxy made me feel so I stopped taking it and switched, at the dentist’s recommendation, to 400mg of ibuprofen. Sweet relief!

  4. Mike K Says:

    I have seen near deaths with Clindamycin in the early days before it was appreciated. I have one story in my second book.

  5. TommyJay Says:

    I had my first, and hopefully last, colonoscopy recently. Just before the doc put me under he said I’m giving you fentanyl + something. “Fentanyl!” I thought. I wasn’t going to quibble after the rotten preparation for said exam.

    It was an uneventful exam and I slept away the rest of the day. The next day I woke up feeling great, maybe because of all the sleep. But I first noticed that I was forgetting things, then I noticed that my motor skills were very jittery. So this is what a little bit of heroin withdrawal is like. Thanks doc!

    Now that the US is in the midst of an opioid epidemic, I wonder what is causing it. So mysterious.

  6. MollyNH Says:

    Jeez Neo I had an excision of a lipoma that was ping pong ball size and a mess of stitches to close it up and the SOBS told me to take advil. Some idiots abuse opioids so I must suffer for it. Fortunately my daughters hubby had left over vicodins to pass along to me or I would not have slept a wink the first night, excruciating. Never have out patient procedures in NH you will get nothing for pain ” take advil”
    So fill your vico din Rx and hoard it. !!

  7. kevino Says:

    I hope that you get better soon. This sounds like such an ordeal, but I’m hoping you feel quickly.

    RE: Vicodin
    I know what you mean. I have been given two such scripts for Vicodin. Both times I filled it so that I would have it if needed. Then I toughed it out and never took it. [Too many years mentoring people with drug and alcohol problems. I’m a bit … leery about taking it.] The medication ended up in the safe in case it was needed later. Once it expired, it went to the police station to be destroyed.

  8. MollyNH Says:

    Kevin Expiration dates are a ruse. The US army which uses huge amounts of medication needed to know how valid were the expiry dates. Around the same time a cache of many
    med s were recovered from an abandoned pharmacy that was on the first floor of the owners apartment building, in small town USA so no danger of thievery. The med s here from 1968. There were BP meds, pain meds, diabetic meds, just a well rounded assortment even opium for diarrhea. THE meds retained 96 % or better of their potency. The exception was aspirin which deteriorated to crumbling. & I do not brlieve there were any antibiotics, those would decay no doubt .
    Just Google , Army study on expired med s, for more info.
    Hubby and I horde meds, we are modest dooms day peppers lol, & you do not want to be short stuff you need when things get bad. We never do a Turn in your drugs day, strictly for the ill informed. I am a nurse though so may be gives me more confidence about holding onto to things, just in case.
    Sure glad my son in law kept his vicodin.!!

  9. Frog Says:

    Good luck with your Clinda. There are other antibiotics that could have been used. Vicodin seems overkill.
    But I am confident it will work out in the end.
    I trust you saw an oral surgeon.

    Tommy Jay: one does not get ‘Withdrawal” after a single Fentanyl dose.

  10. neo-neocon Says:


    I was given clindamycin because I am allergic or have had bad reactions to several others.

  11. neo-neocon Says:

    Actually, I also had a strange experience with Vicodin, which I was given after my arm surgery (anterior submuscular ulnar transposition). I had post-surgical pain and neuropathic pain, but the Vicodin seemed to do next to nothing for either, and it also made me feel like I’d taken about 10 cups of coffee; very jumpy. I stopped taking it pretty quickly.

  12. AesopFan Says:

    MollyNH Says:
    February 10th, 2018 at 10:26 pm
    Kevin Expiration dates are a ruse. The US army which uses huge amounts of medication needed to know how valid were the expiry dates.
    * * *
    I was inventorying my somewhat extensive stock of RX and OTC meds (7 people in the family at the time and we always kept left-overs in case the doc wasn’t available on nights or week-ends*) and hated to throw things out that were “not that old” — found the Army study and held on to what was indicated therein.
    IIRC, the only really for real expiration dates were things like insulin and hormonal preparations. Vitamins, general analgesics, antibiotics, etc. were, as you say, only slightly less effective after quite some time (a couple of years at least).
    The same is true of most foods. Canned, dried, shelf-stable, etc. will go for some years after the expiration date (which is usually a “remove from sale” or “we don’t guarantee quality after this” date, rather than true expiration).
    There are some exceptions (meat, for instance), but there are lots of sites on-line to consult.
    Household supplies (soap, cleaners, etc) also have varying degrees of real expiration (perfume- & dye-free items last longer, not surprisingly).
    My rule was basically: if it looked or smelled bad toss it; if it looked and smelled okay, think about it; when in ANY doubt, throw it out.

    *We had a standing appointment for 5 pm on Fridays every week (not really as a joke. Whenever one of the kids was diagnosed with strep or similar diseases, the pediatrician just gave me scripts for all 5 of them on general principles, in case they came down with it later; I only filled them if needed.

  13. Gary D. G. Says:

    hope your ankle’s working better sooner; the mouth is easy, heals rapidly; the foot, not so much. if it continues beyond what you feel is reasonable, please see a good physical therapist.

  14. MollyNH Says:

    @Aesop. We figured out that big pharma & food industry just loves to have you throw perfectly good stuff out and BUY MORE, $$$$
    Plus you get the odd migraine headache & you turned your perfectly good analgesic in on *give us your drugs day*.

  15. Jim Miller Says:

    neo – Hope you are all well, soon.

  16. Frog Says:

    I’ve had the same arm (nerve relocation) surgery. You had post-op pain, not neuropathic pain as well. Ulnar nerves are not moved for neuropathic pain. If Vicodin didn’t help, you are atypical (but we already know that!). Your jumpy “response” to an opioid is most unusual. Vicodin is hydrocodone plus Tylenol.
    I figured your Clinda was d/t drug allergies. I do not know what “bad reactions” you may have had to other antibiotics; those would be unusual also.

  17. Ymar Sakar Says:

    Aesop’s been stockpiling stuff for awhile. Although it’s probably due to the LDS influence rather than the survival preparation influence I started with.

    Anyways, that means people who started early, are more knowledgeable than the theoretical talking heads.

    I’m counting the days till I can stop taking this incredibly strong antibiotic, too.

    It’s probably doing major damage to your microbiome Neo.

    The reduction in the conversion of energy is sub optimal for injury recovery. It might be for infections in your mouth, which tends to be bad due to surgeries. I use frankincense, melaleuca, and some other oils to keep mouth infections down. Works much better than any kind of general antibiotic.

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