December 27th, 2012

More lookalikes

If you enjoyed yesterday’s thread about Morsi/Mamet, you might like this site. Instead of celebrities who look like each other, it features non-celebrities who send in their photos because they think they look like a particular celebrity.

Some really really do, although others don’t all that much.

And if you’ve long been told you look like someone famous, you can send your photo in there and have your tiny little moment of reflected glory.

4 Responses to “More lookalikes”

  1. Sam L. Says:

    The first 8 photos? Am not knowing/having clue about any of them.

    For me, I consider myself a winner.

  2. JaneLK Says:

    Perhaps not as “charitable” as the celebrity lookalikes link, you may be interested in checking out Laura Ingraham’s “Separated at Birth” page on her website. Definitely good for a much-needed chuckle or two:

  3. Richard Dean Anderson Says:

    About 15 years ago strangers would walk up to me and claim I looked ” just like macgyver”. People who knew me didn’t see a strong resemblance, but I signed an autograph once for a waiter who wouldn’t believe I was just another Schlump ordering a hamburger.

  4. JH Says:

    Now we know even the real life Barbie twins.

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